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General antenna theory

Electromagnetics of superconducting structures and its application to the problems of antenna and waveguide technique
Victor F. Kravchenko
Effect of random phase errors on the radiation intensity of the focused circular aperture
V. V. Dolzhikov, V. G. Lykhograi
Transient radiation from longitudinal slots cut on the cone
Vladimir A. Doroshenko
An universal extremely fast-convergent iterative synthesis technique for antennas andd microwave components
Fedor F. Dubrovka
The optimisation of the spatially distributed radiator system using the energy criteria in the pulse mode
A. N. Kalashnikov
On synthesis problems in taking account of thermal losses in the radiating system
V. S. Kozyakin, I. M. Polishchuk, M. I. Polishchuk
Electrodynamical characteristics of the superconducting dihedral corner with surface roughness
Victor F. Kravchenko, A. B. Kazarov
Degeneration of Bragg synchronism conditions under light interaction with ultrasound wave in crystals with optical activity
L. F. Kupchenko, N. A. Kovalyov, A. M. Reznichenko, Y. M. Plahov, O. N. Posyhov, O. V. Efimova
Properties of high order Bragg resonances under light diffraction on periodic structures
L. F. Kupchenko, Y. M. Plahov, A. M. Reznichenko, N. A. Kovalyov, O. V. Efimova
Method of complex potential in solving antenna problems
Boris M. Levin
Statistical estimations of basic characteristics of 2 dimension apertures radiation with falling down amplitude field distribution
Lyubov M. Lobkova, A. A. Drobotov, A. V. Pirog
Antennae potential directivity generalized estimation
Yevgen A. Machussky
Electromagnetic radiation of a nonstationary point source in a inhomogeneous time-varying medium
Alexandr G. Nerukh, I. V. Scherbatko, Oleg N. Rybin
Excitation of the impedance linear antenna in the presence of a circular conducting cylinder
S. D. Prijmenko, N. A. Khizhnyak
A new method of calculating power taken by the reception antenna out of the electromagnetic field
I. M. Polishchuk, M. I. Polishchuk
An optimum directional diagram of the primary feed in the problem of getting a maximum antenna cin in the give direction
I. M. Polishchuk, M. I. Polishchuk
The passive interference protection of coherent-pulse airborne radar with the rotating two-dimensional aperture
V. M. Tkachenko, I. G. Kirillov, V. I. Zaritsky
The hibryde method of electrodynamic analisis of antennas systems
N. A. Volynec, V. I. Demidchik, S. V. Maly, B. A. Prigoda

Antenna arrays

Frequency selective and polarization sensitive reflector antennas
Peter Edenhofer
Pseudorandomly generated estimator banks: a new resampling scheme for improving the threshold performance of second and higher-order direction finding methods
Alex B. Gershman, J. F. Bohme
Kalman processor for adaptive antenna arrays in the non-stationary electromagnetic situation
A. A. Adamenko, E. V. Komarov
Convolution windows optimization and application for equidistant antenna arrays with digital signal processing
I. P. Anukhin, V. V. Lukin, S. N. Kobzev, A. A. Zelensky, Tapio Saramaki
Sum-type Kaiser-Bessel windows for apodized antenna arrays
I. P. Anukhin, V. V. Lukin, N. N. Ponomarenko, A. A. Zelensky, Tapio Saramaki, K. Zbaida
HF-range near surface wave over the horizon radar antenna requirements
G. M. Bondarchuk, Y. A. Loopun, J. G. Mugenov, A. S. Terekhov
Theoretical and experimental investigations of finite antenna arrays composed of disk-o-cone radiating elements
Rostyslav F. Dubrovka
Analysis of finite, two-frequency, vibrator-wave-guide-slot antenna array with integral equation methode
A. A. Galchenkov, L. I. Ponomarev
Application of superconducting highquality preselectors in adaptive antenna arrays for reception improvement in short wave range communication
A. Y. Ganitsev, L. I. Ponomarev, V. V. Popovskiy
Antenna array for airborne scanning radiometer of decimetre band
Nikolay N. Gorobets, Yu. N. Gorobets, A. B. Zholobenko, Victor A. Katrich, V. I. Kiyko, V. S. Popov, P. I. Shugayev, V. A. Panitz, A. M. Alesin
The reduced sidelobe level sectioned antenna array family
A. N. Kalashnikov, V. A. Vlasenko, A. F. Nazarenko
The design principles of projection devices forming microwave holograms on the apertures of optically controlled antennas
O. V. Karpenko
Systolic processor for implementation of antenna arrays adaptation algorithm
A. N. Kolesnikov, V. I. Vasylyshyn
The effect of phased array and underlying surface characteristics on interference compensation efficiency
L. Y. Kornienko, O. A. Voitovych, V. P. Tischenko
Superresolution in bigger ULAs
U. R. Liepin, G. N. Tkachev, E. V. Kuznetsov
On principles of antenna motion compensation in airborne MTI radars
V. V. Litvinov
Method of adaptive forming of directional response by a receiver antenna array
L. A. Marchuk, N. F. Giniyatullin, N. L. Kondratieva
A simple cumulant based algorithm for blind separation of sources
L. A. Marchuk, A. V. Efimov
Millimeter-wave phased array module
A. E. Martynyuk
The radiation intensity distribution of transceiver self-focusing antennas of pulse radars
A. F. Maslov, V. V. Kleyshmidt
Analysis and optimization of the radiation pattern of a finite grating integrated with a planar dielectric waveguide
Jozef Modelski, J. Jarkowski, Yevhen M. Yashchishyn
Method of synthesis of robust algorithms for antenna array adaptation
A. D. Prasko, K. V. Ustinov, P. N. Fedorov
Computer modeling of radiometry imaging system with different types of antennas
Ivan N. Prudyus, S. V. Voloshynovskiy, T. Holotyak
Projective approach to joint detection and estimation of signals masked by sea-clutters in surface-wave over-the-horizon radar
V. V. Sereda, A. I. Vagapov, I. R. Urazgildiev
Experience on creation of radar active antenna arrays
Y. E. Shamarin, M. A. Zablotsky, E. A. Kovalevsky, Valery V. Konin
Analytical model of the digital antenna array on a basis of face-splitting matrixs product
Vadym I. Slyusar
Accuracy of linear digital antenna array at joint estimation of range and angular coordinate of M sources
Vadym I. Slyusar
The possibilities research of the digital device exchange creation on the fiber-optic-base for the digital antenna array
V. V. Starokadomsky, V. V. Tverdohlebov, Y. V. Horoshkov, L. G. Shacman
Some improvements of analog adaptive antennas
Zdeněk Tobeš
A wave matrix technique for analysis of lossy antenna array noise
Peter L. Tokarsky
Applied model inverse problems in electrodynamic theory of gratings
L. G. Velychko, Yuriy K. Sirenko

Reflector antennas

Two-reflector parabolic antenna for millimeter-wave range communication systems
B. M. Bulgakov, Vladimir V. Glamazdin, Y. I. Leonov, Mikhail P. Natarov, Valery N. Skresanov, Alexander I. Shubnyj
Antenna system for satellite communication powerful subscriber's terminal station
V. S. Pynylo

Low-gain antennas

Characteristic properties of radiation patterns of some types of bivibrator asymmetrical radiators
Y. N. Barabanov, V. A. Ivanov
Radiation to the outer space from quasioptic systems with the step-deformed forming surfaces
O. I. Belous, Anatoliy A. Kirilenko, Vladimir I. Tkachenko, A. I. Fisun
Experimental investigations of directional and polarization characteristics of reflector antenna feeds
Nikolay N. Gorobets, V. M. Dakhov, I. V. Gorbach
Influence of geometrical parameters of ring antennas on the radiation field
Lyubov M. Lobkova, O. A. Posniy, M. V. Ivashina
The calculation of thin bent vibrator antennas with reactive loads
Viktor V. Ovsyanikov
Internal problem for the synthesis of a horn radiator
I. I. Shumljansky, A. V. Glushkov
The dipole antennas of the circular polarization
E. I. Solocha, B. N. Bachvalov, L. V. Kostenko, N. V. Chernyshova
Log-periodic antenna with unbroken dipoles
N. P. Tarasov
Near field structure of the waveguide radiator with the dielectric resonant scatterer
N. I. Ukrainets
Symmetric wave radiation from a circular waveguide with a spiral in the aperture
K. P. Yatzuk, R. R. Shvelidze
Parameters of the radiating system "dielectric waveguide-diffraction grating"
Anatoliy P. Yevdokymov, Volodymyr V. Krizhanovsky

Antennas for communications, radio and TV broadcasting

Broadband antenna arrays using planar horns
V. B. Braude, S. B. Sukhovetskaya
Radiation characteristics of finite length disk-on-rod antennas
Fedor F. Dubrovka, Oleksiy S. Kim
Open-wire feeder characteristics measurement
Ludvig Ya. Ilnitskiy, L. V. Sibruk
Adaptive antennas for communication with mobile objects
B. B. Pospelov, M. I. Lisiy
Adaptive compensation of quick and slow fadings signals in radio links of tropospheric scatter communications
Vladymyr I. Rudakov
A direction finder with two rod antennas
Vladymyr I. Rudakov, A. N. Litvinenko
Antenna for UHF broadcasting
Anatoliy P. Yevdokymov, Volodymyr V. Krizhanovsky
Antenna for automobile radar
Anatoliy P. Yevdokymov, Volodymyr V. Krizhanovsky

Remote sensing and hydroacoustic antennas

Ultrasonic radiators and characteristic features of their application in various systems for medicine and engineering
V. I. Chorny, A. I. Yeryomenko, A. V. Movchanyuk
Fiber optical data transmitting system for the hydroacoustic measuring complex
M. M. Klimash, R. Kolodiy
High efficiency electroacoustic transducer for gaseous mediums
G. A. Kozeruk, V. I. Chorny, A. I. Yeryomenko
Combined radio-acoustic antenna for the air field complex of acoustic and radioacoustic sounding of the atmosphere
Nina G. Maksimova, Yu. N. Ulyanov, Yu. V. Prokopenko
The portable echo sounder-register for sounding of iol and gas wells
I. Ya. Naumenko, V. I. Kizima
Influence of medium motion velocity on radiation pattern of sound waves dipole sources
A. Yu. Panchenko
Comparative analysis of continuum antennas and sparse arrays with signal processing in remote sensing problems
Ivan N. Prudyus, S. V. Voloshynovskiy, R. Kuzjakiv
Influence of distortion a geometry of the antenna on noise-immunity and allowing ability of adaptive algorithms of finding and bearing
V. P. Peshkov
Methods of perfecting the features of adaptive antennas and algorithms of high resolution processing
V. P. Peshkov
Efficiency of adaptive antenna lattice in the casual diffuse ambience
V. P. Peshkov
A synthesis of a spatial filter
S. V. Suhomlinov
Special features of requirements to the receiving antennas of the high-informative radiomeasurement systems
M. A. Zablotsky, E. A. Kovalevsky, L. V. Tikhomirov

Antenna measurements

Modern antenna measurements and diagnostics including phaseless techniques
Yahya Rahmat-Samii, R. G. Yaccarino
The measuring of phase patterns in computer-aided antenna test rangers
B. A. Akishin, V. N. Lavrushev, Yuriy E. Sedelnikov
A dielectric lens collimator
B. A. Akishin, Gennadiy A. Morozov, Yuriy E. Sedelnikov
Improvement of the measurement accuracy of equivalent near-field distributions with linear probe
O. D. Anokhina
Statistical estimation of accuracy of antennas performance determination by amplitude methods
O. D. Anokhina, G. S. Antonov, R. M. Zuber, A. V. Nechesa, Vladimir A. Usin
Realization of six-port analyzers with use of the holography method
G. A. Artemenko, Oleg O. Drobakhin, V. A. Karlov
Determination of antenna radiation pattern by multifrequency measurements of the amplitude squares
Oleg O. Drobakhin, A. D. Klimenko
The analysis of feed-point impedance of the medium-frequency short symmetric aerial
Ludvig Ya. Ilnitskiy, L. V. Sibruk
Radioholographic adjustment of the reflector antenna TNA-1500 in Medvezhy Ozera
A. V. Kalinin, V. S. Beagon, G. A. Kislyakov, V. P. Mal'tcev, B. A. Poperechenko, E. P. Gorbatov, B. L. Kogan, A. N. Fateev
Resonator aperture as an antenna for measuring media variables
O. V. Koberidze
Study of zero diversity method in the problem of plane radiator field restoration through reak measurements
P. Yu. Kostenko, S. V. Manoilo
Application of imitative complexes for calculation and optimization of antenna parameters
V. I. Markov, A. B. Filonenko, O. D. Anokhina, Vladimir A. Usin
Sensor for video pulse electromagnetic fields of nanosecond duration
O. A. Orlenko, P. V. Kholod
Antenna array diagnostics based on the measurement of received or transmitted signals intensity
Yakov S. Shifrin, U. R. Liepin, L. V. Golovina

Antenna radomes and absorbers

Strength calculations of radio-transparence covers and radoms with constructive heterogeneites
Leonid B. Lerman
Protective antenna complexes
S. P. Malashenkov
About the electromagnetic calculation theory of antenna systems with radomes
Ilia V. Sukharevsky

Computational electrodynamics

Computer analysis of radiation characteristics of dipole, situated above rectangular screen under an arbitrary angle
Nikolay N. Gorobets, Nadezhda P. Yeliseyeva
Gaussian beam surface wave beyond the dielectric interface
A. V. Bakumenko, N. A. Khizhnyak
Basic properties of the fields excited by HMD located in a dielectric substrate backed by a perfectly-conducting ground plane
N. Yu. Bliznyuk, A. I. Nosich
Coupling of surface and space waves on nonperiodically gyrotropic impedance surface
Valentin F. Borulko
Factorization method and iterative approximations method in theory of diffraction on finite structures
A. T. Fialkovski
The impedance vibrator in an anisotropic plasma
N. A. Khizhnyak, Evgueniy O. Yatsenko, Natalia M. Yatsenko
The analysis of distribution of the curent in the slender cylindrical antenna
Ireneusz Kubiak
Mathematical modeling of the wave diffraction on open periodic structures
V. I. Magro, V. M. Morozov
An equivalent surface impedance of slotted impedance load on the basis of semi-cylindrical cavity
B. M. Petrov, V. G. Koshkidko, O. V. Alpatova
Wave diffraction on E-plane septum discontinuities in rectangular waveguide
Yu. V. Petrushevsky
Application of FDTD method for the solution of diffraction problems in non-homogeneous dissipative
A. V. Polisski, E. P. Pustovalov, B. V. Sosunov
Application of the computational electromagnetics methods for determining the radar characteristics of targets in the decametric wave band
Alexander V. Polyarus, V. A. Kovalchuk, S. A. Kovtun, O. A. Okunev
Complex approach to simulation of antenna electrodynamic characteristics with due regard for dielectric radome
L. I. Ponomarev, S. V. Rodin, A. S. Jukov
The object-oriented approach to construction of mathematical model of the hybrid antenna
G. N. Smorodin
The 3D screen problems with boundary conditions of impedance type
Y. Sybil
Investigation of behaviour of waves within periodically magnetized ferrite
J. M. Terent'ev, K. A. Vytovtov
Rigorous analysis of near-field distribution of spherical reflectors
S. S. Vinogradov, E. D. Vinogradova, A. I. Nosich
A problem of synthesis of electron-optical systems
I. Yanchak

Waveguide components and circuits

Iteration technique of the design of frequency-selective devices and the software on this base
Anatoliy A. Kirilenko, Leonid A. Rud, Sergey L. Senkevich, Vladimir I. Tkachenko
Modulational instability of electromagnetic-spin waves in microstrip line on substrate of ferrite-dielectric
V. B. Bobkov, V. V. Danilov, P. L. Kulik, V. P. Lukomsky
Wave transformation in smoothly nonregular rectangular waveguide with local degeneracy and longitudinally gyrotropic filling
Valentin F. Borulko
Directional patterns of a waveguide exciting a open multi-step slow-wave system
L. M. Buzik, O. F. Pishko, S. A. Churilova
A field-effect transistor installation in H-waveguide amplifiers
A. V. Chenakin, Vladimir S. Vountesmery
Microwave limiter filter using strip line with ferrite-dielectric substrate
V. V. Danilov, P. L. Kulik, A. Yu. Nechiporuk
A compact in-line configuration polarization invariant low noise amplifier
Fedor F. Dubrovka, Yu. V. Petrushevsky
Complicating the shape of a resonant diaphragm as a way of its quality-factor increasing
Anatoliy A. Kirilenko, Lyudmila P. Mospan, Leonid A. Rud
Methods of the analysis of microwave circuits with the superdimension scattering matrices
Valery V. Konin
Analyses of microstrip lines with ferrite-dielectric substrate
P. L. Kulik, J. Aguilera, R. Marques
Calculation of fields in coaxial chambers and delay lines
Boris M. Levin, V. G. Markov
The influence of deformations on frequency characteristics of the elements based on yttrium iron garnet films
M. I. Lyashenko, V. M. Talalaevskii, L. V. Chevnjuk
Free three-dimensional oscillation spectrum in below-cutoff waveguide branching
Yu. G. Makeev
Microstrip antennae for open resonators excitation
N. A. Pershin, R. V. Antipenko, Yevgen A. Machussky, A. A. Parphenov
Efficiency of helicon isolator use in antenna transmission lines on meter and decameter waves
Vladimir S. Vountesmery
Multichannel frequency dividers using MSW
I. V. Zavislyak, V. F. Romanyuk, L. L. Stakhursky

Industrial applications of microwave technologies

Optimization and projecting methods for microwave technologies UHF-systems
Gennadiy A. Morozov, V. Gusev
The microwave equipment for power-preserving technology
V. S. Baliuk, V. P. Dziuba
Complex work of several microwave generators in technological heating chamber
C. V. Bekh, F. M. Repa
Parameters determination of dielectric materials at the resonances of hybrid microwave oscillations in the waveguide dielectric resonator
R. I. Belous, Yu. G. Makeev, A. P. Motornenko
Carbon graphite reflector antennas for submm-wave diagnostics of plasmas in fusion facilities
V. L. Berezhnyj, V. S. Voitsenya, V. L. Ocheretenko, A. I. Skibenko, I. P. Fomin, T. A. Burtseva, D. V. Efremov
Maximum efficiency of a beamed microwave power transmission at the presence of fluctuations of the transmitting antenna illumination
V. V. Dolzhikov, V. G. Lykhograi
Educational problems on antenna and circuits theory at computer classroom
N. Ermakova
The overview of the modern state of the electrical impedance tomography
V. A. Gutsalenko, V. D. Stashuk, V. A. Tatapun
Approximate analysis of the rectification efficiency for large-aperture rectennas
Yu. A. Luchaninov, Volodymyr M. Shokalo
Influence of low-power microwave field on plant grouth and harvest of vegetables and food grains
L. I. Ponomarev, V. V. Popov, S. V. Rodin, O. A. Roman
Using a microwaves technologies at the enterprises of the state committee on stored product
F. M. Repa, V. I. Vodotovka
An adaptive control of electrodynamic process of dielectrics heating
Vladymyr I. Rudakov, A. V. Kostur
Synthesis of uniform irradiation of rectenna aperture under power transmitting by means of a microwave beam
A. M. Rybalko
Infrared thermography as a resource for remote control of biotissue condition at electromagnetic and laser thermotherapy
T. Shumakova, V. L. Sigal, S. Shnaider, V. G. Serpuchenko
Optical radiation for therapeutic heating of biological tissues
S. Shnaider, V. L. Sigal
The nonlinear dynamics methods for analysis of various functional states of the organism and the correction by microwaves
A. V. Sidorenko
Millimeter-wave graphite antennas for diagnostics of plasmas in large fusion devices
A. I. Skibenko, V. L. Berezhnyj, V. S. Voitsenya, V. L. Ocheretenko, I. P. Fomin
Entrance intercavitary impedance electrodes matching for local heating of neoformations in biological tissues
T. A. Vashchuk, V. L. Sigal, A. V. Talaluev, K. A. Palzevich, V. M. Stechenko
Fields and mechanisms for radio frequency local intracavitary hyperthermia and thermotherapy
T. A. Vashchuk, V. L. Sigal, V. G. Serpuchenko, A. V. Talaluev, K. A. Palzevich
Technology process and industrial wood and semifinished item of furniture production drying equipment
V. I. Vodotovka, F. M. Repa
Focused array utilization for microwave agricultural application
E. G. Vorobjova, O. Sh. Dautov, Olga V. Potapova, Yuriy E. Sedelnikov
On accuracy increasing of measuring galvanomagnetic converters of electromagnetic field
Vladimir S. Vountesmery, K. N. Gura
Application of microwave dielectric measurements to control of industrial solutions
V. V. Zagorodniy, V. L. Launets, V. V. Oliynyk

Papers received after deadline

About non-uniqueness of the solutions of phase synthesis problems according to the prescribed amplitude directivity pattern
Mykhailo I. Andriychuk
Synthesis of the contoured directivity patterns of the multibeams hybrid antennas according to the prescribed magnitude pattern
B. M. Podlevskyi, P. O. Savenko, M. D. Tkach
Amplitude-phase and phase synthesis of equidistant and nonequidistant arrays with account the mutual coupling of radiators
P. O. Savenko, L. M. Pasnak