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Invited papers

GPR antenna simulations and optimizations in time domain
Leo P. Ligthart, A. G. Yarovoy, A. Y. Kirana
Aperture antenna radiation
Dennis J. Kozakoff, V. Tripp
Robust adaptive beamforming: an overview of recent trends and advances in the field
Alex B. Gershman
On losses of coherent signal in the adaptive detector with non-coherent integration
David I. Lekhovytskiy, P. M. Flekser, S. V. Polishko
Focusing of the spatially separated adaptive antenna arrays on multiple radiation sources by method of correlation identification of the bearings
Yu. N. Sedyshev, P. Y. Sedyshev, S. N. Rodenko
Experience of antenna complexes creation for the radars of distant detecting and space area monitoring
G. A. Evstropov, V. A. Rogulyev, S. D. Saprykin, V. P. Sosulnikov, E. A. Starostenkov
High-performance horns with optimized waving taper
Hiroyuki Deguchi, Mikio Tsuji, Hiroshi Shigesawa
Radio telescope RT-70 in Evpatoria and space investigations
Oleksander O. Konovalenko, L. N. Lytvynenko, Kees van’t Klooster
Needs for gigantic antennas for space use and their technical problems
Tadashi Takano
Tracking and communication means developed at the Special Mechanical Engineering Design Office
V. G. Himmelman, G. S. Kuchinsky
Remote sensing of troposphere for aviation safety: antenna aspect
Felix J. Yanovsky
Broadband phased array with wide-angle scanning
Dmitriy I. Voskresenskii, Elena V. Ovchinnikova
Microwave devices with the distributed nonlinearity
Yakov S. Shifrin, Anatoly I. Luchaninov
Multi-faced and multibeam DBF antenna for high altitude platform station stages of antenna development
Bon-Jun Ku, Yang-Su Kim, Byung-Su Kang, Do-Seob Ahn, A. S. Belyaev, Ye. N. Egorov, N. V. Vladimirov, S. A. Ganin, A. C. Reutov, Yu. A. Suserov, A. M. Shitikov, A. V. Shishlov, A. G. Shubov
Wideband dual polarized planar antenna arrays
Fedor F. Dubrovka, Sergiy Ye. Martynyuk
Modeling and simulation of the fused Bayesian-regularization method for remote sensing imagery with synthetic aperture arrays
Yuriy V. Shkvarko, Jose Luis Leyva-Montiel, Joaquin Acosta-Salas
Development of microwave technologies for the oil and gas extraction complex
Gennadiy A. Morozov, Oleg G. Morozov, Marat R. Galimov

General antenna theory

The differ-integral theory of fractal antennas
Volodymir M. Onufrienko
Exact 'absorbing' conditions in initial boundary-value problems of the theory of pulse wave radiation
Yuriy K. Sirenko, Vadim L. Pazynin, Anna I. Vyazmitinova, Konstantin Yu. Sirenko
Analysis of scattering by inhomogeneous dielectric objects using higher-order hierarchical MoM
Oleksiy S. Kim, Erik Jorgensen, Peter Meincke, Olav Breinbjerg
Decoupling of aperture antennas with impedance structures
Dikoundou J.-F. Essiben, Yuriy V. Yukhanov
Synthesis of anisotropic impedance plane
Yuriy V. Yukhanov
Analysis of waveguide-slot radiators in the presence of dissipative medium
Ludmila P. Yatsuk, A. A. Komyachko, Yu. V. Zhironkin, T. G. Nazarenko
The synthetic aperture method in the environment microwave interferometer radiometry
B. G. Kutuza, G. K. Zagorin
Calculating of mutual coupling coefficients in presence cylinder
Marina Yu. Zvezdina
Account of cylindrical bodies peculiarities in the analysis of dipole characteristics
Marina Yu. Zvezdina
Field of a surface antenna based on an impedance cylinder
Dmitriy D. Gabriel'yan, Marina Yu. Zvezdina, Oleg S. Labunko
Scattering of electromagnetic fields on complex spatial lattices of magnetodielectric spheres
Anatoliy I. Kozar
Method of generalized eikonal and new 2-D scattering analytical solutions
Michael V. Vesnik
The videopulse scattering in inhomogeneous media containing conductive cylinder objects
L. A. Varyanitza-Roshchupkina
The linear wire in anisotropic medium
Evgueniy O. Yatsenko, Natalia M. Yatsenko
The Kontorovich-Lebedev transforms and the semi-inversion method in model excitation problems for a slotted conical antennas
Vladimir A. Doroshenko
Mutual resistances between horizontal wire antennas near an interface
Peter L. Tokarsky
Effect of mutual coupling in cruciform dipole on scattering performances
Tatyana V. Peretyatko
The statistical tests method application for calculating the axisymmetric antenna characteristics
G. A. Levagin, I. N. Bondarenko, V. N. Chepiga
The use of the relativistic effect for obtaining negative permittivity
K. N. Klimov, B. V. Sestroretskiy, V. A. Ruchenkov, T. V. Kamishev, S. M. Godin, V. V. Roshchin
The model of creation of rotating stationary electromagnetic formations in vacuum
B. V. Sestroretskiy, K. N. Klimov, S. M. Godin, V. V. Roshchin, T. V. Kamishev, V. A. Ruchenkov
Modeling of plane electromagnetic wave diffraction on a conical antenna
Elena K. Semenova, Vladimir A. Doroshenko

Antenna synthesis

The theory of fractal antenna arrays
Victor F. Kravchenko
R-function theory in problems of electromagnetic wave radiation from arbitrarily shaped waveguides
Victor F. Kravchenko, Mikhail A. Basarab
Solving an arbitrarily shaped flat radiator synthesis problem by the R-function method
Mikhail A. Basarab
Synthesis of resonant antennas with semitransparent external boundaries
Mykhailo I. Andriychuk, O. F. Zamorska
The use of atomic function for inner problem solution for wire antennas
Yuri Y. Bobkov
An overview of applications of the aperture orthogonal polynomials method in the development of antenna systems
V. I. Gusevsky
Employing the aperture orthogonal polynomials method in the design of sparse unequally spaced phased arrays
V. I. Gusevsky, M. V. Lavrentiev
About one gradient procedure of determination of the branching points of nonlinear integral equation arising in the theory of antenna synthesis
B. M. Podlevskyi
Application of the Kravchenko-Darboux and Kravchenko-Besicovitch two-dimensional fractal functions in antenna theory
Vladimir M. Masyuk
Methods for mathematical modeling of fractal antenna arrays
Vladimir M. Masyuk
The method for approximation of a two-dimensional field distribution by atomic functions
Michael V. Golubin

Reflector and lens antennas

Analysis of partially dielectric-loaded coaxial horn antennas
Fedor F. Dubrovka, O. O. Krupnov, Ya. O. Rospopa
Synthesis of offset-fed Gregorian VSAT antennas
Fedor F. Dubrovka, Rostyslav F. Dubrovka, Oleksiy S. Kim, V. H. Syrotyuk, H. P. Khymych
Simulations of the ESA Planck HFI beams of polarized and multi-mode horns
Vladimir B. Yurchenko, John A. Murphy, J.-M. Lamarre
Directivity of rectangular aperture electromagnetic radiation
Svetlana V. Butakova
The investigation of radiation characteristics of Fresnel antenna for Q-band
V. I. Magro, V. M. Morozov
Calculation of non-axisymmetrical parabolic reflector antennas
A. V. Alpatova, A. M. Gorin, I. N. Kad'kalo
Combined reflector - lens monopulse antenna
Mikhail P. Natarov, Vladimir V. Glamazdin, Valery N. Skresanov, Alexander I. Shubnyj
An ultra-wideband feed for axisymmetrical reflector antenna
M. M. Bilanovskij, V. M. Glushenko, G. A. Yena, M. M. Lytvyn, S. M. Lytvyn, A. E. Shrenk
Comparison of the efficiency of various optimization methods in the problems of the focused aperture
Olga V. Potapova
On a problem of implementation of monopulse self-steering on an information signal
A. V. Usichenko, A. S. Soroka, Yu. A. Umzar, A. G. Rudnik
Hybrid antennas with shaped reflectors for limited beam steering
A. S. Reutov, A. V. Shishlov
Reflectivity of rough metal surfaces over millimeter wave range
Ruslan V. Vorobjov

Antenna arrays

Closely spaced transverse slots in rectangular waveguide
Sergey L. Berdnik, Victor A. Katrich, Valentina A. Lyashchenko
Leaky-wave antenna with inclined slots in a waveguide
Victor A. Katrich, Sergey A. Martynenko, Svetlana V. Pshenichnaya
Asymptotic solution of integral equation into a problem of coupling between waveguides through narrow slots
Mikhail V. Nesterenko, Victor A. Katrich
Forming a partially polarized wave by non-coherent sources of the noise field
L. G. Kornienko, V. A. Kovalchuk
A novel approach to scanning antennas design
Konstantin A. Lukin
Synthetic aperture antenna for near field applications
Konstantin A. Lukin, Mikhail P. Natarov, Valery N. Skresanov
Laser seismo-acoustic antenna array
Mstislav N. Dubrov, Rostislav F. Matveev
Phased array antenna on a radial waveguide
E. N. Voronin, F. I. Emel'chenkov, Yu. V. Kotov, A. S. Luk'yanov
An antenna system of a continuous wave radar
S. D. Andrenko, I. A. Vyazmitinov, Yu. B. Sidorenko
In-phase excitation of infinite phased antenna array
Svetlana V. Chumachenko
The scanning antenna for a 3-mm multichannel radiometer
Anatoliy P. Yevdokymov, Volodymyr V. Krizhanovsky
Method of eliminating interference noughts of radiation pattern of base station antenna array
Vladimir A. Yatskevich, Yevgeniy Bulikov
Investigation of periodical sequences of circumferential slots in circular waveguides
Sergey A. Pogarsky, Vyacheslav A. Chumachenko
Switching hemispherical antenna array
E. V. Lukashuk, Yu. V. Kolosova
A linear Dolph-Chebyshev antenna grid for speaking-trumpet radiators
V. N. Bakhvalov, V. F. Kulishenko, E. V. Lukashuk
Linear phased antenna array with low level of side radiation
V. N. Bakhvalov, V. A. Burmasov, Yu. V. Klonova, Yu. V. Kolosova
Suppression of mutual influence of antenna channels, which accomplish self-pointing guided by information signal through geometric ratios optimization of irradiators construction
Yu. V. Kolosova, V. N. Rudenko, V. A. Burmasov
Periscope antenna reradiator based on two coupled arrays
V. I. Zamiatin, A. V. Perekatiy, Y. V. Yefimova

Adaptive antenna arrays and signal processing

Weight error loss in MIMO systems with adaptive transmit and receive beamformers
Victor T. Ermolayev, A. G. Flaksman, I. P. Kovalyov, I. M. Averin
Orthogonalized algorithms for FIR ANC adaptive systems
Daniel Tapia-Sanchez, Rogelio Bustamente Bello, Hector Perez Meana, Mariko Nakano Miyatake
Decision feedback equalizers for high speed data communications
Edith Gonzalez Lee, Jose Ambrosio Bastian, Mariko Nakano Miyatake, Hector Perez Meana
Experimental investigations of an interference canceller with the modulation algorithm of the weighing coefficients generation
Sergey V. Artuynov, Anatoliy V. Kobzev, Valeriy R. Khachaturov
Optimal array multimode signal processing in the presence of modal mismatch
Elena Yu. Gorodetskaya, D. M. Kharlamov, Alexander I. Malekhanov
The optimization of a signal processing in radar with scanning antenna array
Anatoly D. Pluzhnikov, Elena N. Pribludova
Space-time processing in three-dimensional forward scattering radar
A. V. Myakinkov, A. G. Ryndyk
The robust spatiotemporal filtering of signals in correlated noise
O. V. Sytnik
Hybrid optoelectronic processor for detection, direction finding and reception of complex signals
A. Yu. Grinev, D. V. Bagno, V. V. Rozdobudko, V. S. Temchenko
Antenna array signal processing with superresolution by 2-D Unitary TLS-ESPRIT with structure weighing
V. I. Vasylyshyn
Qualitative indices of the method of determining the number of simultaneously acting signals
N. M. Nikitin, L. G. Shatsman
Correction of smart antennas receiving channels characteristics for 4G mobile communications
Vadym I. Slyusar, I. V. Titov
The variant of equation of direction finding characteristic of the amplitude sum-difference direction finder
V. A. Kryachko
The perspective directions of the technical modernization of inter-period signal processing systems of pulse ATC radars
David I. Lekhovytskiy, V. I. Zarytskiy, I. G. Kirillov, S. I. Burkovsky
Measurement of reception direction of deterministic signal against spatially-correlated interferences with the use of the adaptive antenna array
S. T. Bagdasaryan, V. A. Tarshin, V. A. Vasilyev
Algorithm of spatial selection of uncorrelated signals
Oleg Z. Sultanov
The method of determination of the amplitude and phase distribution in antenna aperture plane
Igor B. Shirokov
Computer simulation of target backscattering as element of perspective radar design
S. P. Leshchenko, V. M. Orlenko, Y. D. Shirman
Combined direction finders of noise radiation sources based on adaptive lattice filters
David I. Lekhovytskiy, D. V. Atamanskiy, V. V. Djus, N. A. Staheev
Perfection on the algorithm for uncorrelated signals angular discrimination by means of wavelet transformation
L. A. Titarenko, B. Yu. Bordjugov
Effective parameter estimation of exponential signals in adaptive arrays
M. V. Andreev, Oleg O. Drobakhin
Multi-base INSAR with enhanced signal processing
Alexander V. Ksendzuk, Valeriy K. Volosyuk
Phased antenna array with excitation adaptive to construction distortions
U. R. Liepin, Dmitriy V. Karlov, G. A. Golovin, N. N. Petrushenko
An adaptive parameter estimation of Gaussian signal in the presence of an unknown Gaussian noise
V. I. Turchin
An adaptive parametric estimation of space-time deterministic signal against unknown Gaussian noise background
A. A. Rodionov, V. I. Turchin
Adaptive algorithm of filtration of target trajectory parameters
V. D. Karlov, U. I. Rafalskiy, S. V. Yarovoy, N. N. Petrushenko, A. V. Chelpanov
Signal processing using methods of dimensionality reduction of representation space
V. V. Popovskiy
Adaptive antenna arrays in the auxiliary receiving channel of the interference compensator for user radioaccess systems
Yu. Yu. Kolyadenko
Intellectual antennas and electromagnetic compatibility in the future systems of mobile communication
V. S. Blinov

Low-gain antennas, printed antennas, antennas for mobile communications

Element shape optimization of planar periodic structures
Maurizio Bozzi, Luca Perregrini
Total analysis of radiation characteristics of electric dipole with rectangular screen
Nikolay N. Gorobets, Nadezhda P. Yeliseyeva
Polarization characteristics of an open-ended circular waveguide
Anna V. Shishkova, Sergey N. Pivnenko, Nikolay N. Gorobets
Computational method for linear antennas with impedance elements
Nikolay N. Gorobets, Viktor V. Ovsyanikov
Radiation field of a cylindrical spiral near to a small reflector of Cassegrain antenna
Lyubov M. Lobkova
One-reflecting hybrid antenna
Lyubov M. Lobkova, V. V. Golovin, M. A. Boromekova, U. N. Tyschuk
On improvement of the radiation performance of the open-ended circular waveguide
Sergei P. Skobelev
Microwave metal disk antenna with axis-symmetric excitation
I. Ivanchenko, A. Korolev, S. Karelin, E. Laz'ko, N. Lukyanova, N. Popenko
The antenna system for the base station of mobile communication
Aleksander V. Antonov, Yury M. Gerasimov
The method to noise resistant rising for biorthogonal antenna system
S. E. Mishchenko
Modelling of the multiple-arm conical spiral antennas for various applications
M. B. Protsenko, A. V. Lukjanchikov, A. V. Troitskiy, P. A. Komarov
Mode conversion in horn with oscillating perturbation of wall surface impedance
Valentin F. Borulko
Bragg transformation in horns with two-dimensional perturbation of permittivity
Valentin F. Borulko
To a problem of the analysis of the dielectric rod radiator
Sergey V. Buharov
The sectioned microstrip antennas
B. A. Mishustin, V. G. Slyozkin
Coaxial collinear antennas with out-of-phase excitation of the elements
B. A. Mishustin, E. A. Redkina, V. G. Slyozkin
The characteristics of coaxial spiral antennas
A. S. Mikryukov
A novel quadrifilar helix antenna for use in LEO satellite communications
Ali Mirkamali, Lida Akhoondzadeh, Kiyan Keyghobad, Mohammad Soleimani
An antenna for the orthogonally polarized fields
Y. A. Zakharia, Ivan N. Prudyus, E. I. Klepher, V. G. Storozh, V. P. Antoniuk, O. M. Liske
Slot radiators with the minus temperature stability factor
A. A. Kontar
Transforming properties of the volumetric oriented structure
A. A. Kontar
Antenna alignment for radiometeoric synchronization systems
Ya. A. Koval, V. V. Obelchenko, I. E. Antipov, G. V. Nesterenko, B. S. Dudnik

Broadband, multi-frequency antennas and remote sensing antennas

Solution of the inverse problems of subsurface radiolocation
A. Yu. Grinev, I. A. Chebakov, A. I. Gigolo
New spectral positional invariance approach for superresolution of point-type targets embedded in colored noise
J. L. Ponce-Davalos, Yuriy V. Shkvarko, Jose Luis Leyva-Montiel
Antenna-based processing of the radar data for zone detection in remote sensing imagery
L. J. Morales-Mendoza, Yuriy V. Shkvarko, Jose Luis Leyva-Montiel, R. F. Vazquez-Bautista
Ultrawideband method of feeding a dipole antenna
Lev D. Bakhrakh, V. F. Los', A. N. Shamanov
Electrophysics properties optimal measurements of rough surfaces with passive remote sensing
G. Velasco, V. M. Velasco, C. Cruz, G. Cordero, M. Covarruvias, Valeriy K. Volosyuk, S. E. Falkovich
Radiation efficiency of the large current radiators. Electrodynamic simulation
Genadiy P. Pochanin, I. Ye. Pochanina, P. V. Kholod
The UWB receiving loop antenna
Genadiy P. Pochanin, P. V. Kholod, T. N. Ogurtsova
Multielement UWB receiving antenna
T. N. Ogurtsova, Genadiy P. Pochanin, P. V. Kholod
The portable measuring sampling unit
V. P. Ruban
A directive pulse antenna
A. N. Titov, A. A. Titov
Usage of integral representations for the surface current density when solving the problem on radiation of ultra wideband signals by unenclosed bent shields
Vadim I. Zamyatin, G. V. Yermakov
Reconstruction algorithms and experiments with a prototype of holographic subsurface radar
A. V. Popov, V. V. Kopeikyn, V. A. Vinogradov, S. A. Zapunidi
Sonic antennas for acoustic and radio-acoustic remote sensing
Yury N. Ulianov, Svetlana V. Butakova
The shipborne radar antenna pattern at over-horizon object observation
S. I. Homenko, A. E. Zatserklyany, Dmitry Yu. Kulik
Investigations of adaptation possibility of the over-horizon radar antenna
I. M. Mytsenko, A. N. Roenko, S. I. Homenko
Antennas for the remote measurement systems of the gaseous pollution concentration
G. V. Grusha
Shaper of SHF radio pulses on the base of travelling wave resonator
Viktor V. Salamatin, Grigoriy A. Lukyanchuk
Electron-molecule collisions in a field of short electromagnetic impulses in plasma half space (ionosphere)
Abram L. Gutman
Radiation of transient fields from the open end of rectangular waveguide
Victor A. Katrich, Oleksandr M. Dumin, Olga O. Dumina
Generalized ambiguity matrix of a vector time-spatial radar signal
G. S. Sharygin, V. A. Khlusov, L. I. Sharygina
Ultra wideband double ridged horns with rectangular aperture
Fedor F. Dubrovka, G. A. Yena, Petro Ya. Stepanenko, V. M. Tereshchenko
Low-height radiation field of the coastal radar antenna taking into account troposphere inhomogeneities
Alexander V. Polyarus, V. L. Misailov, Nina G. Maksimova
The radiation of wideband signals by tapered slot antennas with synthesized profile
Aleksander Yu. Butrym, Dmitrij D. Ivanchenko, Oleg V. Kazansky, Nikolay N. Kolchigin
Radiation of short pulse signals from arrays of tapered slot antennas
Aleksander Yu. Butrym, Oleg V. Kazansky, Nikolay N. Kolchigin, Sergey N. Pivnenko
Impulse wave diffraction on a permittivity step in a waveguide
Aleksander Yu. Butrym, Yu Zheng, Oleg A. Tretyakov

Antennas for radioastronomy

A spin-off of space technology: highly accurate reflector panels for a prototype ALMA radiotelescope
Kees van’t Klooster, Giuseppe Valsecchi, Josef Eder
Radio astronomical phased arrays with fiber-optic design architecture
Alexander N. Bratchikov, Dmitriy I. Voskresenskii, Kees van’t Klooster
Reflectivity of antenna and mirrors reflectors at 110 and 200 GHz
Svetlana E. Myasnikova, Vladimir V. Parshin, Kees van’t Klooster, Giuseppe Valsecchi
InP MMIC amplifiers for cryogenic radioastronomical applications
Andrea Cremonini, Sergio Mariotti, Alessandro Orfei, Gianni Tofani
30-element active antenna array as a prototype of a huge low-frequency radio telescope
I. S. Falkovych, Oleksander O. Konovalenko, N. N. Kalinichenko, A. A. Gridin, Alan A. Lecacheux, Helmut O. Rucker
Activities for the square kilometer array (SKA) in Europe
Marianna V. Ivashina, A. Van Ardenne, J. D. Bregman, J. G. Bij de Vaate, M. van Veelen
The sea wave slope distribution empirical dependencies in calculations of interaction between microwave radiation and rough sea surface
M. V. Danilytchev, A. G. Nicolaev, B. G. Kutuza
Scattering characteristics simulation of 30 GHz/90 GHz/150 GHz frequency selective surface as corner printed reflectarray for multibeam solar radio telescope
Alexander O. Kasyanov, V. B. Khaikin
Remote monitoring of sea surface HFSWR
B. F. Bondarenko, G. M. Bondarchuk, N. V. Dmitriyeva, I. I. Zarudnev, Y. A. Lupan, S. Y. Platonov, V. Y. Tymchuk
Shot noise and radio telescope sensitivity
Yu. P. Ilyasov
Finite-element modeling and thermal analysis of the RT-70 radio telescope main reflector
A. I. Borovkov, D. V. Shevchenko, V. G. Gimmelman, Yu. I. Machuev, A. V. Gaev

Antenna radomes and absorbers

Calculation of nose dielectric radome effect on direction-finding characteristics of an antenna system
S. V. Kukobko, A. Z. Sazonov, Oleg I. Sukharevsky
Radiotransparent covers for mobile radars
S. P. Malashenkov
Strength analysis features of radar covers and radomes
Leonid B. Lerman, S. P. Malashenkov, A. G. Girchenko, A. A. Tkachenko
The mathematical model of antenna and antenna-radome system
L. V. Knyazeva, A. I. Artishev
Experimental estimation of influence of heated antenna radome on quality of functioning of radiometric information systems of infra-red and millimeter wave bands
V. I. Antyufeyev, Viktor N. Bykov, A. M. Grichaniuk, V. A. Krayushkin, S. V. Orlov, S. A. Shilo
Effect of water absorbing on radiotechnical characteristics of radar covers
Leonid G. Grechko, Leonid B. Lerman, A. Yu. Semchuk
Absorbing-and-diffusing coating
N. V. Tkalich, Yu. G. Mokeev, A. F. Onipko, V. F. Vashchenko, M. D. Topchev, V. V. Glebov, Dmitrij D. Ivanchenko, Nikolay N. Kolchigin, V. V. Yevdokimov
Shielding and absorbing materials for the equipment of the measuring radioengineering complexes
Ed. I. Kulikovskij, S. B. Bibikov, V. V. Orlov
Amorphous microwire - unique material for modern microwave absorbers
D. Vladimirov, E. Khandogina, L. Gazian, V. Larin
Foam absorbing material properties in range of 8-12 GHz
Oleg O. Drobakhin, Yeugen V. Kondrat'yev, Leonid A. Filins’kyy
Ceramic-polymer ferroelectric materials for antenna applications
Yevhen M. Yashchishyn, Jozef Modelski, Mikolaj Szafran
Plasma antenna for magneto cumulative generator
V. E. Novikov, O. O. Puzanov, V. V. Sin'kov, V. A. Soshenko
Minimization of the backward scattering from dielectric structures
L. N. Illyashenko
Hand-held reflectometers and radiometers and their application
Viktor N. Bykov, I. I. Vasilchenko, V. V. Glebov, Nikolay N. Kolchigin, Dmitrij D. Ivanchenko, N. K. Kurov, D. D. Litvinov, N. V. Tkalich, S. A. Shilo

Computational methods

Study of pulse signal propagation in urban environment by the finite-difference method
Vadim L. Pazynin, Yuriy K. Sirenko
Numerical method for solving of synthesis problems of radiating systems on a prescribed power directivity pattern
P. O. Savenko
Iterative algorithm of electromagnetic antenna decoupling calculation
V. A. Kliuchnikau
FDTD method based electromagnetic solver for printed-circuit analysis
Alexey B. Gnilenko, Oleg V. Paliy
A mixed asymptotic and FD method for the EM field modelling in quasi-optical devices
A. A. Zvyagintsev, A. I. Ivanov
Investigation of integral equation for dielectric-coated thin-wire conductors
V. I. Demidchik, N. Yu. Sitsko
Calculation algorithm for shielded microstrip-, slot-, and micro-coplanar strip lines with finite strip thickness
Irina V. Avgust, M. A. Syvozalizov, V. V. Khoroshun
Numerical method for the analysis of electromagnetic field in microwave waveguides
Islam J. Islamov
Diffraction of H-polarized electromagnetic wave over periodic system of half plane of finite thickness
Viktor I. Naidenko
The asymptotic method for thin-wire multielement antennas
Tatiana V. Mitrofanova, Valeriy V. Petrov

Antenna measurements

The requirements to dipole orientation on the assumption of polarization orthogonalization
Ludvig Ya. Ilnitskiy, Andriy V. Fetsun
Automation of the measurements of the radiation band width
Ludvig Ya. Ilnitskiy, L. V. Sibruk, Zoya V. Sugonyak
Evaluation of an accuracy of determination of amplitude-phase distribution in elements of phased antenna array when measuring dynamic near field amplitude
Vladimir A. Usin, Vladimir A. Hubar
Statistical characteristics of antenna time pulse response
Vladimir A. Usin, O. D. Anohina, A. V. Usina
Two-element assembly of measuring antennas for a 1-12.75 GHz frequency range
Yury P. Mickhayluck, Alexander A. Savochkin
Wideband multiprobe microwave multimeter
Volodymyr M. Volkov, Olga B. Zaichenko
Extended quality identifiers for radar measurements
Alexander V. Ksendzuk
Multi-element PAA calibration with REV method
A. M. Shitikov, A. V. Bondarik

Microwave components and circuits, fiber-optic links

Waveguide bend matched by the stepped miter
Sergey F. Kulishenko, Anatoliy A. Kirilenko
Field theory analysis and design of multiport branch-guide couplers for contoured beam antennas
K. V. Kobrin, M. B. Manuilov, Gennadiy P. Sinyavsky
A multielement forming field system of identical metal-dielectric scatterers
V. B. Kazanskiy, Vyacheslav V. Khardikov
The dynamic of eigen oscillations of finite periodic sequence inserting the defect element
Vyacheslav V. Khardikov, V. B. Kazanskiy, V. R. Tuz
Calculation of cutoff wave numbers in the waveguides of rectangular cross section with rounded corners
Nataliya G. Kolmakova (Don), Anatoliy A. Kirilenko, Anatoly Ye. Poyedinchuk, Vladimir I. Tkachenko
Feedthrough power determination in a two-mode waveguide with galvanomagnetic transducers
Vladimir S. Vountesmery, P. V. Ivkin
Analysis of a waveguide T-junction with a 2D scatterer in the interaction region via Green's theorem approach
Sergey N. Shulga, Olga V. Bagatskaya
On the question of optimization of mutual influence of channels for receiving of information and channels of antenna self-direction operating on the basic information signal
V. A. Burmasov, A. V. Usichenko, S. N. Otchenashko
Simulation of power combining of a chain of Gunn diodes in a transmission line
Vladimir B. Yurchenko, Lidiya V. Yurchenko
Broadband tight coaxial connectors
J. V. Vinogradov, Petro Ya. Stepanenko, V. M. Tereshchenko
Four-channel strip power dividers
Sergiy Ye. Martynyuk, Petro Ya. Stepanenko, V. M. Tereshchenko
Giant filters - a possible future-technology design
A. Trubin

Industrial and medical applications of microwave technologies

Diagnostical-therapeutical applications of microwaves
A. I. Tereshchenko
Influence of microwave radiation on body resistance level to causative agents of certain diseases
G. A. Chukanova, G. G. Shurda
Phase synthesis of a wave beam field that provides maximization of the transmitted power
Roald B. Vaganov, Evgenija N. Korshunova, Igor P. Korshunov, Sergey S. Shaposhnikov, Aleksandr D. Shatrov
Influence of the antenna gain loss on capacity of tropospheric communication radiolines
Vladymyr I. Rudakov
Applicatorial antenna
V. P. Manoilov, L. U. Nazarchuk, A. F. Yanenko
Application of compressive-distractive apparatus along with stimulation of tissue regeneration using EHF irradiation for treatment of hip joint fractures
Y. P. Litvin, V. A. Kozlov, A. G. Kushnirenko, I. P. Chabanenko, V. V. Kosharniy, A. G. Yatsunenko, P. I. Zabolotniy, O. L. Olshevskiy, V. N. Pokataev, V. G. Tkalich, V. M. Potapova, V. I. Pilenkova, A. S. Shugurov
Electromagnetic fields with circular polarization and new medical technologies
V. G. Shakhbazov, Valentin A. Grabina, A. I. Fisun, Yu. N. Gorobets, Yuriy G. Shckorbatov
Influence of the microwave radiation of different polarization state on transinactivation effect and viability of Drosophila
Yuriy G. Shckorbatov, M. V. Evseeva, V. G. Shakhbazov, A. I. Popov, T. M. Cheshko, Valentin A. Grabina, A. I. Fisun, O. I. Belous
Three-dimensional model of electromagnetic field distribution in the human head from mobile phones
Viktor V. Hoblyk, Eugenia I. Yakovenko
Determination of dielectric characteristics of diesel fuel when irradiating it at the mm-wave range
Vladymyr I. Rudakov, V. M. Kravtchenko, A. V. Kostur
Analytical method for solving inverse problem in magnetocardiology
Sergey N. Shulga, Oleksiy V. Znamenshchykov, Oleksandr V. Malyushin, Olga V. Bagatskaya
Dielectric characteristics of food-stuff in the process of their thermal treatment with microwave field
V. V. Zhirnov, A. I. Dokhov, S. V. Solonskaya, V. I. Strelchenko
Radiation and scattering patterns of two-dimensional nonlinear loaded circular cylinder coated with dielectric layer
Diana V. Semenikhina
Investigation into receiving-rectifying elements of EHF rectennas
M. A. Omarov, Dmitry V. Gretskih, D. V. Sukhomlinov
Efficiency of wireless power transmission system with non-axial arrangement of transmitting and receiving apertures
Volodymyr M. Shokalo, Dmitry V. Gretskih, A. M. Rybalko
Characteristics of arbitrarily configurated thin wire antennas with a nonlinear surface impedance
Dimitry S. Gavva
Antennas in radar technology of measurements of moving atmosphere parameters
O. Solyanik, V. Oleynikov