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Invited papers

Principal problems of the reflector antennas synthesis
V. I. Andrianov, Lev D. Bakhrakh, V. F. Los', A. Y. Makarov, V. B. Tarasov
Fiber-optic technology for antenna signal transmission and distribution: present state and perspectives
Alexander N. Bratchikov, Dmitriy I. Voskresenskii, T. A. Sadekov
Hot radiators in antenna measurements
Svetlana V. Butakova, K. A. Butakov
An extremely fast-convergent iterative method of synthesis and its application to design of high performance antennas and microwave components
Fedor F. Dubrovka
Modelling of printed antennas arrays for various applications
Jean-Pierre Daniel
Electronically tunable frequency selective surfaces for antenna applications
Peter Edenhofer, A. Alpaslan
A low-loss and compact multi-sector antenna with distributed implicit RF beam switch
Kenichi Kagoshima
Technology for a quasi-GSO satellite communications system
T. Katagi, R. Yonezawa, I. Chiba, S. Urasaki
The antenna sub-system for meteosat second generation satellites
Kees van’t Klooster, M. DiFausto, V. Santachiara, P. Carrati, A. R. Rosa, P. Russo, B. Robert
Modern methods of analysis and computation of antenna radomes
Dennis J. Kozakoff
Atomic functions and numerical methods of the antennas theory synthesis solving problems
Victor F. Kravchenko
Problems and new results of spectral estimation and antenna arrays superresolution techniques
David I. Lekhovytskiy, D. V. Atamanskiy, I. G. Kirillov, P. M. Flekser
A PC based program package FARFOR-99: improving our understanding of radiation from aperture antennas and antenna arrays
Dmitriy M. Sazonov
Adaptive antenna arrays with microwave signal processing
Yu. N. Sedyshev, Valeriy R. Khachaturov
Radiation feature of space-wave-leaky mode on printed-circuit transmission lines
Hiroshi Shigesawa, Mikio Tsuji

General antenna theory

Plasma antenna. Resume of theoretical research
A. N. Almaliev, Abram L. Gutman, B. G. Katsnelson, M. A. Shehalev
Excitation problem solution for the dielectric cylinder with thin cover
A. V. Alpatova, N. N. Kisel', Yuriy V. Yukhanov
About branching of the solutions of the phase synthesis problem of a linear antenna
Mykhailo I. Andriychuk
Surface and lateral waves of higher-order beam waves
O. V. Bakumenko, N. A. Khizhnyak
The model of grazing HF vertically polarized radio waves backscattering by sea surface waves
G. M. Bondarchuk, I. I. Zarudnev, Y. A. Lupan, J. G. Mugenov, S. Y. Platonov
Transformation of wave beams at plane with oscillated anisotropic perturbation of surface impedance
Valentin F. Borulko
Reflection of surface wave and their coupling with wave beam at perturbated impedance plane
Valentin F. Borulko, V. E. Ivanilov
On the synthesis of antennas with an optimal ratio between the demand factor and the angle of concentration of the radiated/received power
G. A. Evstropov, S. A. Smirnov
Scattering plane electromagnetic wave by cruciform electrical dipole with a load
Dmitriy D. Gabriel'yan, Tatyana V. Peretyatko
The calculation of mutual coupling between dipoles in presence of impedance circular cylinder
Dmitriy D. Gabriel'yan, Marina Yu. Zvezdina
The influence of impedance surface of a circular cylinder on the dipole pattern
Dmitriy D. Gabriel'yan, Marina Yu. Zvezdina
Waves scattering on a system of fillets
A. V. Golovchenko, G. I. Koshevoy, D. I. Yaresko
Transient radiation from aperture antenna under non-synchronous excitation
Nikolay N. Kolchigin, Sergey N. Pivnenko
Resonant transformation of the electric-dipole field into a circularly polarized field by means of a small dielectric sphere with the surface conductance along helical-type lines
Evgenija N. Korshunova, A. N. Sivov, Aleksandr D. Shatrov
Approximation of radiation patterns of antennas by entire functions of exponential type
Victor F. Kravchenko, E. G. Zelkin, V. V. Timoshenko
Properties of Bragg diffraction of the second order in light and periodic structures interaction under dual Bragg angle
L. F. Kupchenko, O. V. Efimova, Y. M. Plahov, V. B. Lobyrev, E. L. Cherkashina
Property of intermediate diffraction regime near the second Bragg resonance under interaction of light with periodic structures
L. F. Kupchenko, O. V. Efimova, Y. M. Plahov, V. B. Lobyrev, E. L. Cherkashina
The α-properties of electromagnetic field fractal dipole
I. V. Lysokon', Volodymir M. Onufrienko
A sensor of the H-component of a pulse electromagnetic field of nanosecond duration
O. A. Orlenko, P. V. Kholod
Synthesis of antenna arrays with regard to the radiators mutual coupling and vector characteristics of electromagnetic fields
L. M. Pasnak, P. O. Savenko
Electromagnetic field of an antenna located near a sea tropospheric waveguide
Alexander V. Polyarus, A. A. Koval, E. V. Tsekhmistrov
The determined approach to calculation of radiolines in urban conditions
L. I. Ponomarev, M. G. Alekseyenko, A. Y. Ganitsev
On methods of solution to slot antennas synthesis problems
Yu. Yu. Radtzig, M. A. Khavanova
An evaluation of the intensity of the electromagnetic field, reflected from the aerodynamic target in an above-water surface waveguide
A. Samokhvalov
Theory of antennas with nonlinear elements and its application
Yakov S. Shifrin, Anatoly I. Luchaninov, Volodymyr M. Shokalo
Pseudodifferential equations method for solving problem of electromagnetic wave diffraction on conducting screens
Yu. G. Smirnov, A. A. Vartanov, M. Yu. Medvedik
Frequency and pulse responses of resonant objects buried in a dielectric, dispersive half-space
Oleg I. Sukharevsky, G. S. Zalevsky
Analytical representation of a spectrum of periodic solutions in a model of Majsner–Kronig–Penney in radiating system
J. M. Terent'ev
Radiation efficiency of coupled vertical dipole antennas located above a lossy half-space
Peter L. Tokarsky
Radiation of waves by the fractal surface element
E. I. Veliev, Volodymir M. Onufrienko
Use of an auxiliary sources method for calculation of the characteristics of antennas placed on impedance arbitrary shape bodies
V. A. Voloshina, V. V. Shatskiy
Reflective properties of one-dimensional PBG dielectric structures with doubled quasi-periodicity of permittivity
I. Y. Vorgul, Alexandr G. Nerukh
A multibeam impedance antenna synthesis
Yuriy V. Yukhanov, A. Yu. Yukhanov
About one method of determination of currents in the isolated antenna
I. P. Zaikin, G. I. Koshevoy, D. I. Yaresko
Modeling of non-coordinate electromagnetic problems
Y. A. Zakharia
Scattering of plane electromagnetic wave by impedance circular cylinder
Marina Yu. Zvezdina, A. S. Stepanov, V. V. Kharchenko, S. V. Chernov
Uniform asymptotic theory of electromagnetic diffraction by waveguide aperture
A. A. Zvyagintsev, T. N. Demchenko, S. P. Phomushkin

Reflector, lens and hybrid antennas

Cylindrical Luneberg lens analysis
Artem V. Boriskin, Svetlana V. Boriskina, A. I. Nosich
Account of effects of the irradiator's near zone in mathematical model of reflector antenna
Nikolay N. Gorobets, S. S. Vyazmitinova, Anna I. Vyazmitinova
Dual-reflector omnidirectional antenna for MMDS base stations
Oleksiy S. Kim
Synthesis of the contoured radiation patterns of the dual-reflector antennas according to the prescribed magnitude patterns
B. M. Podlevskyi, P. O. Savenko
Dual-shaped symmetric reflector antenna with parabolic panels
D. Y. Razdorkin, M. V. Romanenko
A conceptual approach to determine antennas gain loss in tropospheric-scatter communication systems
Vladymyr I. Rudakov
A theoretical aspect of quick fadings autocompensation in tropospheric-scatter communication systems
Vladymyr I. Rudakov
Features of radiation field formation of multibeam reflector antenna
Alexander A. Savochkin
Earth station antenna posts, created by design office "Promin"
V. H. Syrotyuk, V. S. Pynylo, H. P. Khymych

Antenna arrays

Underground phased antenna arrays as alternative to mast aerials of receiving radio
S. M. Alekseev, A. V. Makaseev, A. G. Poshkov, B. V. Sosunov, N. G. Fitenko
The analytical approach to the computing of resonance effects for the diffraction at well reflecting gratings
N. A. Balakhonova, A. V. Kats, I. S. Spevak
Two-dimensional image retrieval
K. P. Gaikovich, A. V. Zhilin
Active phased antenna arrays radiating LFM pulse packet
V. L. Gostuykhin, V. N. Trusov, A. V. Gostuykhin
Limiting resolution of Capon method for correlated sources
A. A. Kirillov, G. V. Serebryakov
The accuracy of joint estimation of signal parameters of the antenna arrays in the case of non-Gaussian interference
Y. P. Kunchenko, V. A. Danyk, T. V. Prokopenko
Apodization functions for antenna arrays with constructive-technological restrictions
V. V. Lukin, A. V. Kabanov, N. N. Ponomarenko
Coherence-reduced signal processing in large arrays
Alexander I. Malekhanov
Power optimization of the beam shared-forming monopulse arrays
B. D. Manuilov, P. N. Bashly
Diagnostics of receiving hydroacoustic antenna arrays
Denis A. Orlov, V. I. Turchin
Simulation of antenna array characteristics impact on objects image restoration
Ivan N. Prudyus, Leonid V. Lazko, T. Holotyak
Simulation of spatial-time signal processing in imaging systems with synthetic aperture
Ivan N. Prudyus, A. T. Synyavskyy, V. P. Ostap
Optically or electronically steerable mm-wave phased antennas array based on semiconductor structure
V. Ya. Rogov, A. Yu. Grinev, A. E. Zaikin
Pattern synthesis of antenna array with digital phase shifters
N. V. Shcherbakov, I. V. Norinchuk
The matrix models of digital antenna arrays with nonidentical channels
Vadym I. Slyusar
A way of correction of DAA receiving channels characteristics using the heterodyne signal
Vadym I. Slyusar
Analysis of the effect of geometric parameters of nonequidistant antenna array with unequal amplitude distribution on its working frequencies range
S. I. Starchenko, A. Yu. Milovanov, I. V. Pleshivtsev
Maximization of the power parameters of antenna arrays with suppression of the cross-polar radiation
Peter L. Tokarsky, A. M. Rybalko, A. V. Synepoop
The influence of amplitude and phase perturbations of antenna array sensors on direction finding of narrow-band signals efficiency
I. R. Urazgildiev, A. M. Vagapov
Uniform linear antenna array in superresolution mode by the modified unitary ESPRIT algorithm
V. I. Vasylyshyn, A. N. Kolesnikov
Synthesis of one-dimentional periodic perfectly conducting gratings
L. G. Velychko
Optimal combined processing of signals in multichannel synthetic aperture radars
Valeriy K. Volosyuk, S. E. Falkovich, V. M. Velasco Hererra, O. A. Gorbunenko
Energy features of the surface E-wave scattering by a reflection antenna grating
Anatoliy P. Yevdokymov, Volodymyr V. Krizhanovsky
Space-time modulation of signals in a ring antenna array
Vadim I. Zamyatin, O. V. Baturin, E. A. Tolokneyev

Adaptive antenna arrays

Measurement of signal informative parameters when its amplitude and phase are random in radar system with adaptive array
S. T. Bagdasaryan, A. A. Belov, V. P. Riabukha, V. A. Tarshin
Analytical calculation of detection and resolution thresholds in antenna arrays using sample covariance matrix eigenvalue technique
Victor T. Ermolayev, A. A. Maltsev, K. V. Rodyushkin, L. Lo Presti
Application of channeling principles of estimating weighting coefficients in antennas with adaptive spatial signal processing against the interference background
Anatoliy V. Kobzev, Valeriy R. Khachaturov
Estimation of the influence of receiving-amplifying sections non-linearity on the adaptive antenna arrays efficiency
Yu. Yu. Kolyadenko, V. V. Popovskiy, A. G. Malitsky
An efficiency of interference adaptive compensation in multipath propagation of radio waves
L. Y. Kornienko, O. A. Voitovych, V. P. Tischenko
An adaptive compensation of partially polarized interferences in the presence of polarization differences in a frequency band
L. G. Kornienko, F. F. Mysik, S. Y. Polyakov
Statistical characteristics of adaptive antenna arrays with independent reference-signals forming
A. A. Maltsev, O. V. Poldin, A. M. Silaev, L. Lo Presti
Experimental studying of influence of weight coefficients jitter on output signal of adaptive antenna array
A. A. Maltsev, S. V. Zimina
A robust adaptive antenna array for signals separation
L. A. Marchuk, O. A. Nokhrin, A. N. Savelyev, L. A. Titarenko
Adaptive antenna arrays with nonredundant apertures of the Mills cross type
Yu. N. Sedyshev, P. Y. Sedyshev, R. A. Karnaukh
Method and algorithms of PAA RP synthesis adaptive to its elements failure
Yakov S. Shifrin, U. R. Liepin, L. V. Golovina

Low-gain antennas, printed antennas, antennas for mobile communications

Radiation of the multi-mode slotted radiator
V. I. Antyfeev, A. Borsov, A. Sokolov
Small-sized dielectric split antenna of round cross-section
V. I. Antyfeev, A. Borsov, A. Sokolov
L-band antenna alternatives for the European mobile satellite (EMSAT) network
G. de Balbine
Optimization of characteristics of directivity of horn microwave band radiators
A. A. Boichenko, I. I. Shumljansky
A leaky-wave integrated antenna based on a prism coupled to a dielectric waveguide
Svetlana V. Boriskina, A. I. Nosich
Matching and directivity features of waveguide radiator filled with dielectric
A. A. Bulgakov, Nikolay N. Gorobets, Valentina A. Lyashchenko
On the estimation of electromagnetic characteristics of the system of dipole radiators in the logperiodic antenna
L. G. Burova, Yu. Yu. Radtzig
Experimental investigation of horn antenna radiation
Oleg O. Drobakhin, D. Yu. Saltykov
Disk-on-rod-in-waveguide radiating element for dual-polarized broadband wide scanning array antennas
Rostyslav F. Dubrovka
Directivity characteristics and radiation impedance of a circular frame placed around a cylinder of perfect conductivity
G. A. Evstropov, A. I. Klimenko
A reduction of log-periodic antennas dimensions
E. V. Goremykin, G. I. Kostromitin
Mathematical model of radiation from open-ended circular waveguide
Nikolay N. Gorobets, L. V. Orlova, Anna V. Shishkova
Optimization of frequency performances of horn radiators
A. A. Karpenko, I. I. Shumljansky
The radiating properties of spiraphase reflector based on microstrip array
Alexander O. Kasyanov
Investigation of parameters of loop oscillator with distribute reactive load
E. N. Kayashova, V. G. Slyozkin
Peculiarities of application of the induced EMF method for determination of helical antennas input impedance
Lyubov M. Lobkova, M. V. Ivashina, V. V. Golovin
Estimation of the interaction impedance of the antenna array consisting of circular loops
Lyubov M. Lobkova, M. B. Protsenko, O. A. Posniy, M. V. Ivashina
Radiation features of a flat z-antenna
Lyubov M. Lobkova, M. V. Ivashina, A. F. Rozvadovsky
A coaxial spiral antenna with increased gain
A. S. Mikryukov, V. F. Korsak, Y. L. Maksimenko
About a new small-sized loop antenna with an isotropic radiation pattern
Viktor V. Ovsyanikov
Optimization of geometric and radiation parameters of a hemisphere helical antenna
Mikhail B. Protsenko, V. V. Molchanov
The estimation of the radiation quality of the flat Archimedean spiral antennas
Mikhail B. Protsenko, I. V. Tankov
An improving of energy radiation characteristics of an corner reflector antenna with Franklin antenna feed
A. V. Seleznyov
Electrodynamic modeling of two-port C-band flat antenna
B. V. Sestroretskiy, A. V. Dorofeev, A. N. Savchenko, M. A. Drize, S. A. Ivanov
Radiation characteristics of a multiple-arm conical helical antennas with two points excitation
L. N. Stepanov, A. V. Lukjanchikov
Means of radio-acoustic antennas interference immunity improving
Yu. N. Ulyanov, V. S. Bedin, Svetlana V. Butakova
Optimization of the polyhedral vehicle antenna array characteristics
V. A. Voloshina, V. V. Shatskiy
Electrodynamic parameters of narrow slots in a rectangular waveguide filled with three-layered dielectric. Theory and experiment
Ludmila P. Yatsuk, A. F. Lyakhovsky, A. A. Lyakhovsky
About plane screen spirals near fields influence on radiation and scattering characteristics
K. P. Yatzuk, R. R. Shvelidze
Influence of diffraction effects on directivity of the corner antenna of arbitrary apex angle
Nadezhda P. Yeliseyeva
A multibeam hybrid printed antenna based on a strip periodic structure
Anatoliy P. Yevdokymov, Volodymyr V. Krizhanovsky, P. N. Melezhik, Anatoly Ye. Poyedinchuk

Broadband and multi frequency antennas

Multi-band electronically scanned antennas of santimeter and millimeter range waves
N. A. Bei
Dual-band antennas on the base of surface wave lines
N. A. Bei, V. L. Khandamirov, A. A. Volkov, A. V. Panteleev
Time-domain antenna studies for videopulse subsurface radars
Anatoliy O. Boryssenko
Modeling the problem of pulse radiation from a slotted cone placed on the inhomogenous plane
Vladimir A. Doroshenko
Effects of radiation pattern distortions of slot antennas with finite lateral metallization
Fedor F. Dubrovka, V. M. Tereshchenko
A VHF-UHF logperiodic V-dipole TV antenna
Fedor F. Dubrovka, O. M. Kupriy, V. V. Zaskalniy
Transient excitation of coaxial cone antenna
Oleksandr M. Dumin, Sergey N. Pivnenko
Propagation of short pulses in lossy long lines
Abram L. Gutman, A. N. Manko
Antenna system for georadar "Zond-10" consisting of a pair of curved loaded wideband dipoles
Sergey A. Masalov, Genadiy P. Pochanin, P. V. Kholod
Novel approaches to the analysis and model synthesis of ultra-wide-band horn-type antennas
Andrey O. Perov, Yuriy K. Sirenko, A. E. Yaldiz
Multiband antennas on loop radiators
Y. A. Rensh
FDTD analysis of log-periodic flat dipole antennas
A. E. Shrenk

Antenna radomes and absorbers

Millimeter wave characteristics of glass plastics for antenna covers
E. E. Chigriai, V. V. Meriakri
A research of electromagnetic waves absorption in foam and layered structures
Leonid A. Filins’kyy, V. M. Morozov
To asymptotics of a field of overreverberated beams in the aperture antenna with radome
Ilia V. Sukharevsky, S. E. Vashinsky

Computational methods

Dissipation fields in flat waveguide with a triple bifurcation and dielectric filling
V. I. Antyfeev, A. Borsov, A. Sokolov
New method of aerials calculation
V. V. Artemiev, V. L. Danilchuk, Yu. Yu. Radtzig, S. I. Eminov
Analysis of microstrip antennas by numerical-analytical method
V. V. Artemiev, S. I. Eminov, I. A. Jukovskaya
Propagation of the electromagnetic waves in double ring waveguide with dielectric layers
A. V. Bezugliy, V. V. Khoroshun
Method of regularization in numerical simulation of axially symmetric dielectric patch antenna excited by ved
N. Yu. Bliznyuk, A. I. Nosich
Rigorous calculation of active antennas
V. L. Danilchuk
Numerical algorithm for calculating the electric characteristics of wire antennas used to analyse the electromagnetic compatibility parameters of a radio system
A. S. Ilyinskiy, I. V. Berezhnaya, O. Ju. Perfilov
System of linear wires in anisotropic plasma
E. A. Jatsenko, N. M. Jatsenko, N. A. Khizhnyak
The solution of three-dimentional electrodynamic problems by the integral equation method
V. M. Morozov, V. I. Magro
Computer modeling of electromagnetic wave propagation in a time-varying medium
Alexandr G. Nerukh, K. M. Yemelyanov, F. V. Fedotov
Equivalent surface impedance of slotted impedance load made as semi-cylindrical cavity for infinite array. The case of E-polarization
B. M. Petrov, V. G. Koshkidko, O. V. Alpatova
Numerical solving of the integral equation for the elliptic loop antenna
Andrey A. Schekaturin
A CAD software for design and analysis of a rectangular microstrip antenna
K. Y. Yazdandoost, D. C. Gharpure

Antenna measurements

Distorting influence of horn antenna on measurements by multifrequency radiointerferometer
M. V. Andreev
Method of estimation of requirements to the input information when determining antennas characteristics with near-zone methods
O. D. Anokhina, A. V. Nechosa
About necessity of creation of the additional space SAR calibration points and expedience of their integration into the international calibration net
V. S. Blinov
EM-properties measurement and error analysis of planar and convex surface samples using finite flange open-ended coaxial probe
A.-K. A. Hassan, D. Xu, Y. Zhang
Complex reflectivity meter in microwave paths
Ludvig Ya. Ilnitskiy, L. V. Sibruk, M. I. Fuzik
The measurement of a power flow in two-mode waveguide with using galvanomagnetic transducers
P. V. Ivkin
Radioholographic correlational measurements of large reflector antennas
A. V. Kalinin
Phase shift measurements for antenna systems
L. D. Ogorodnijchuk
Requirements to the accuracy of PAA phase meters
L. D. Ogorodnijchuk
Characteristics of antennas, recording systems and processing algorithms used in the radar systems for measuring projectile movement parameters at the time of shooting
S. V. Porshnev
Statistical aspects of the theory for defining antenna characteristics by the field measurements in the near zone
Yakov S. Shifrin, Vladimir A. Usin

Microwave components and circuits, fiber-optic links

Multireflector resonance systems in millimeter wave range
D. G. Afonin, A. K. Malyshkin
Active integrated antenna amplifier for handset receiver front end
A. S. Andrenko, Y. Ikeda, M. Nakayama, K. Horiguchi, T. Fukasawa, O. Ishida
Numerical simulation of transverse-planar structures in waveguide
R. V. Antipenko, S. E. Yukhno
The analysis of the irreciprocity of the signals delay of the antenna–feeder devices of active comparison systems
V. V. Bavykina, Yu. A. Koval, O. L. Troshchin
Creation of localized high intensity electromagnetic field pulses in open resonator
I. N. Belobaba, Dmitriy M. Sazonov
Phase stabilized fiber channel with remote heterodyning: spectral-noise analysis and experiment
Alexander N. Bratchikov, Dmitriy I. Voskresenskii, T. A. Sadekov
RF signal spectral analysis at the output of erbium doped fiber amplifier in the remote heterodyning mode
Alexander N. Bratchikov, T. A. Sadekov
Tunable waveguide bandpass filters with a near constant bandwidth
Fedor F. Dubrovka, Petro Ya. Stepanenko
Numerical algorithm for calculation of cavity microwave transducer of an aperture type
Y. E. Gordienko, A. Yu. Panchenko, A. A. Ryabukhin
Multielement resonance diaphragms in microwave antenna-and-feeder devices
Victor A. Katrich, Alexander A. Shmat'ko
The full-wave model for plane junction of waveguides with piecewise linear coordinate boundaries
Anatoliy A. Kirilenko, Dmitry Yu. Kulik, Leonid A. Rud, Vladimir I. Tkachenko
Bandpass and lowpass filters on ridged waveguide sections
Anatoliy A. Kirilenko, Dmitry Yu. Kulik, Leonid A. Rud, Vladimir I. Tkachenko
One- and two stopband rejection sections based on multiple rectangular aperture irises
Anatoliy A. Kirilenko, Lyudmila P. Mospan
Port reflectivity method in the theory of tees with iris inserts
Dmitry Yu. Kulik
FDTD analysis of metal plates in rectangular waveguide
O. M. Kupriy, Sergiy Ye. Martynyuk
High-power multiplexer for aerial feeder of TV and radio broadcasting transmitters
A. N. Lishchenko, Anatoliy O. Boryssenko
Transfer characteristics of ultra high frequency devices based on two surface iron-yttrium garnet films
M. I. Lyashenko, V. M. Talalaevskii, L. V. Chevnjuk
Application of MW delay lines in combined SAR calibration
A. Y. Matveyev
Millimeter wave devices based on dielectric, ferrite and semiconductor waveguides
V. V. Meriakri, B. A. Murmuzhev, M. P. Parkhomenko
Studying of resonant rejecting and adsorbing cells based on sections of partially filled waveguides
L. Minakova, Leonid A. Rud
Reconstruction of multiple rectangular aperture iris response by its complex natural oscillations
Lyudmila P. Mospan
Pulse current excitation of the rectangular resonator with distributed nonlinear loads
Diana V. Semenikhina
Tracts of Ku and C-band antennas for perspective communication satellites
B. V. Sestroretskiy, M. A. Drize, S. A. Ivanov, K. N. Klimov
Aspects of implementing an optical fiber soliton sync-network for a complex of phased arrays
A. S. Shcherbakov, A. Yu. Kosarsky, V. N. Zvegintsev
Experimental investigation of antenna characteristics of radioelectronic elements
A. V. Timchenko, V. I. Chumakov, O. I. Kharchenko
Rectangular waveguide filled with bianisotropic medium
K. A. Vytovtov, I. V. Petrusenko

Industrial and biomedical applications of microwave technologies

Investigation of the complex permittivity of coals and oil products by the radiophysical methods
Sergey V. Buharov, V. V. Ovsianicov, I. V. Petrusenko, A. G. Hundriga
Rational technologies and microwave designs for gypsum binder, casein, fruits, vegetables and other food-stuffs
A. I. Dokhov, V. V. Zhirnov, N. E. Lukyanenko
Back channel in digital MMDS
A. I. Dolgonos, H. L. Baindurashvili, A. M. Voychinsky
Influence of nonlinear capacitance of a microwave rectifying diode on rectenna characteristics
Anatoly I. Luchaninov, M. A. Omarov, A. A. Konovaltsev
Transmission of an e-mail format signals in MF/HF ranges in a marine radio communication
V. N. Martynkin, Y. V. Malyarenko
Optimization of electromagnetic field excitation for microwave industrial and agricultural application
Gennadiy A. Morozov, I. E. Sedelnikov
Improvement of microwave equipment excitation efficiency using methods of focused arrays
Gennadiy A. Morozov, Olga V. Potapova, Yuriy E. Sedelnikov
A modified microwave technology of heating and drying granular dielectrics
Vladymyr I. Rudakov, A. V. Demchenko, Y. V. Zaichenko
About one way to decrease the directivity of rectenna spurious radiation
Volodymyr M. Shokalo, A. A. Konovaltsev, Yu. A. Luchaninov
Efficiency of power transmission system by a microwave beam with non-axial arrangement of transmitting and receiving apertures
Volodymyr M. Shokalo, S. V. Sevsky, A. M. Rybalko, A. A. Konovaltsev
Pulse high-power antibacterial irradiator
S. N. Shostko, I. S. Shostko, U. F. Lonin, V. I. Chumacov, U. L. Novoselov, O. S. Shostko
An increase of power efficiency of a microwave generator for microwave processing of materials
V. I. Vodotovka, K. N. Gura, F. M. Repa

Electromagnetics in high schools

Problems of technique of organizing antenna laboratory course
M. V. Andreev, Oleg O. Drobakhin, V. M. Morozov, D. Yu. Saltykov
Architecture of the textbook "Antennas"
Ludvig Ya. Ilnitskiy, L. V. Sibruk, M. I. Fuzik