Scientific Conferences of Ukraine, ICATT’99 - III International Conference on Antenna Theory and Techniques

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Problems and new results of spectral estimation and antenna arrays superresolution techniques
David I. Lekhovytskiy, D. V. Atamanskiy, I. G. Kirillov, P. M. Flekser

Last modified: 2015-09-18


In recent research on AA theory one of the major issues is elaboration of methods for estimation of spatial spectrum of noise sources that could lower constraints of antenna's resolution stipulated by its limited aperture. List of the proposed up to now “superresolution” methods of spectral estimation is extremely long [1–6] and all-time continues to be supplemented.

But criteria and substantiations used for synthesis and analysis of these methods are rather heterogeneous, and conclusions on their efficiency and advantages are often based on either unrealistic assumptions about exact knowledge of the covariance matrix (CM) in array outputs or on “visual impressions [16]” about the forms of output effects realizations obtained by simulations.

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