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Invited papers

Antenna science atlantes
Victor F. Kravchenko, Yakov S. Shifrin
Recent advances in antenna research and development at the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”
Fedor F. Dubrovka, V. M. Hlushenko, M. O. Dovbush, Rostyslav F. Dubrovka, M. M. Lytvyn, S. M. Lytvyn, I. M. Markovich, Yu. I. Markovich, Sergiy Ye. Martynyuk, Yu. A. Ovsianyk, B. V. Shevchuk, O. V. Tolkachov, Dmytro O. Vasylenko, O. S. Zakharchenko
Biochemical observational science at THz energies
Rob S. Donnan, Rostyslav F. Dubrovka
Studies on radar medical sensors
Anatoliy O. Boryssenko, E. S. Boryssenko
Large-aperture slotted-waveguide antenna arrays: Development and fabrication advances
S. S. Sekretarov, A. V. Somov, Dmitry M. Vavriv
Near-field manipulation by means of wire media
Rostyslav F. Dubrovka, P. Belov
Vehicular antennas for satellite communications (Survey)
A. V. Shishlov
Synthesis of arbitrarily shaped impedance reflectors
Yuriy V. Yukhanov, A. Yu. Yukhanov, T. Y. Privalova
Wavefield control in multimode channels by the use of source arrays, with application to shallow-water sound
A. G. Luchinin, Alexander I. Malekhanov, A. I. Khil’ko
Thirty years experience in development of adaptive lattice filters theory, techniques and testing in Kharkiv
David I. Lekhovytskiy
Research of the properties of curvilinear thin-wire radiators (helical antennas)
Mikhail B. Protsenko
Evolution of electromagnetic waves radiated by a Hertzian dipole
Viktor I. Naidenko
Numerical-analytical implementation of Galerkin technique for analysis of waveguide and slotted waveguide antenna arrays
M. B. Manuilov, Aleksander M. Lerer, Gennadiy P. Sinyavsky
Electrodynamic analysis of nanoscale antennas of millimeter and optical bands
Aleksander M. Lerer, Oleg S. Labunko, P. V. Makhno, Gennadiy P. Sinyavsky

General antenna theory

To history of radio engineering’s term "antenna"
Vadym I. Slyusar
The energy of the field radiated by Hertz dipole
I. S. Volvach, Oleksandr M. Dumin, Olga O. Dumina
Shape transformation of wave beams falling on quasiperiodic layered structures
M. V. Andreev, Valentin F. Borulko, Oleg O. Drobakhin, D. V. Sidorov
Orientation and dispersion diagrams of spatially-polarizing selective structures in the form of the cylinder with the star contour
E. D. Bezuglov, Y. D. Bezuglov, D. D. Gabriel’yan
Mathematical modeling of a wideband conical antenna with open semitransparent surface excitation
Vladimir A. Doroshenko, Y. D. Shimuk, A. V. Artjukh, A. V. Sova
Spectrum extrapolation for complex sources via two-channel version of a principle of minimal spatial extension of solution
Valentin F. Borulko, Sergey M. Vovk
Optimization of bistatic GPR system position in a problem of small-sized subsurface objects detection
L. A. Varyanitza-Roshchupkina
Coupled plasma cylindrical columns as sub-wavelength antenna
N. P. Stogniy, N. K. Sakhnenko
Spatial fields coherence in the focal plane of reflector antennas
Lyubov M. Lobkova, V. V. Golovin, U. N. Tyschuk
Influence of mutual coupling between two vibrators on value of their resonant length
Nadezhda P. Yeliseyeva
Diffraction problem in bistatic zone of radio acoustic sounding systems
N. I. Slipchenko, Liu Chang, A. Yu. Panchenko

Antenna arrays

Detection of solid earth excitations by laser seismo-acoustic antenna array
V. V. Kravtsov, Mstislav N. Dubrov, M. S. Remontov
Noise-protected antenna for a pulse acoustic atmospheric sounder
Yakov S. Shifrin, Yury N. Ulianov, V. I. Vetrov, V. L. Misailov
Spatial polarizing filters, transformers of a field polarization and polarizing manipulators based on printed reflectarrays
Alexander O. Kasyanov
The effect of defective radiators and modules on characteristics of array antenna with complex aperture and multi-faceted array antenna
V. V. Kizimenko, D. Moskaliov, N. M. Naumovich, A. Yubko, Oleg A. Yurtsev
The influence of interchannel and intrachannel nonidentities on antenna array characteristics
V. V. Kizimenko, D. Moskaliov, N. M. Naumovich, Oleg A. Yurtsev
Characteristics of linear slotted waveguide arrays on the rectangular waveguide with two-layer dielectric filling at excitation by the slowed down dominant mode
A. A. Lyakhovsky, A. F. Lyakhovsky, Natalya K. Blinova, Ludmila P. Yatsuk
3D scanning by multilayered circular TSA array with pulse excitation
Nikolay N. Kolchigin, Oleg V. Kazansky, Dmitrij D. Ivanchenko, Liang Jing Feng, He Shi, Yu Zheng
The direction finding accuracy of the rectangular digital antenna array in a case of ADC jitter
M. V. Bondarenko
Pyramidal design of nanoantenna arrays
Vadym I. Slyusar, D. V. Slyusar
Antennas based on dielectric resonators and microstrip lines in case of their orthogonal mutual orientation
I. V. Trubarov
Short-wave band linear antenna array consisting of 'butterfly' radiators
Viktor P. Kudzin, V. N. Lozovsky, N. I. Shlyk
An estimation of directivity characteristics of antenna elements in antenna array with counting of signal conjugate components
V. S. Kopiievska, Vadym I. Slyusar
Directivity of antenna arrays with truncated binomial amplitude distribution
Nikolay N. Gorobets, A. A. Bulgakova
New broadband microstrip antenna design
V. V. Kizimenko
Receiving linear antenna arrays integrated with CdHgTe hot-electron bolometer for THz imaging systems
Fedor F. Dubrovka, D. S. Krasilnikov, V. A. Petriakov
Efficiency of a Vee-dipole antenna array placed over the interface between two media
A. Yu. Panchenko
Peculiarities of numerical simulation of directional characteristics of antenna array with multifrequency aperture currents
A. V. Bezverkhy, Yu. N. Sedyshev, A. F. Shevchenko, V. A. Tyutyunnik

Wideband, ultrawideband and multifrequency antennas

Full band UWB front-end solution incorporating two antennas
Roman Kravchenko, F. Rak, M. Stadler
Research of Klopfenstein taper UWB monopole antenna
Nan-Nan Wang, Jinghui Qiu, Zhi-Feng Zhang, Hua Zong, Zhong Ling-Ling, Deng Wei-Bo
Simulation of planar spiral antennas made of a conductor with magnetodielectric coating
V. I. Demidchik, R. V. Kornev, P. D. Kuharchik
A high performance ultrawideband orthomode transducer and a dual-polarized quad-ridged horn antenna based on it
Fedor F. Dubrovka, S. I. Piltyay
Small fractal structured log-periodical alpha-pole antennas
Volodymir M. Onufrienko
The multiband antenna
Alexander A. Savochkin, A. A. Nudga
UWB antenna design concept for near field applications
Ye. S. Maksimovitch, V. A. Mikhnev, P. Vainikainen
Study on a novel wideband omni-antenna
Lijia Chen, - Tenigeer, Jinghui Qiu
Analysis of a wideband plasma monopole antenna design
Wei Li, Jinghui Qiu, Ying Suo, Lijia Chen
Two-channel Wi-Fi band patch radiator
A. V. Lukjanchikov

Low gain antennas

Radiation polarization control of the turnstile antenna with impedance vibrators
V. M. Dakhov, Victor A. Katrich, Mikhail V. Nesterenko, Sergey L. Berdnik
Characterization of the ear-to-ear propagation channel using microstrip dipole antennas
Alexander Vasylchenko, C. Hennemann, Rostyslav F. Dubrovka
Optimized vibrator radiator with flat finite size screen
Nikolay N. Gorobets, Nadezhda P. Yeliseyeva
Electrically small wire antennas for rocket and space radio communications systems
Viktor V. Ovsyanikov, O. L. Makarov, O. L. Olshevskiy, G. V. Petrenko, V. M. Popel’, Y. D. Romanenko
Radiation of UWB electromagnetic pulses
Genadiy P. Pochanin, I. Ye. Pochanina
Double-polarization antenna for MIMO system of wireless communication
S. V. Nesteruk, P. I. Travkin
Several novel wire antenna designs with the quasi-isotropic radiation patterns in horizontal plane
Oleg A. Yurtsev, Yuri Y. Bobkov, S. Baty
Modes investigation of omnidirectional radiation field with circular polarization of broadband multifilar helix spiral antennas
V. V. Golovin, U. N. Tyschuk
A pure circular polarization antenna with quasi-hemispherical radiation pattern
Fedor F. Dubrovka, O. V. Tolkachov
Control of dipole radiation pattern using cylindrical metamaterials structures
Oleg S. Labunko
Broadband antenna with controllable polarization
Lyubov M. Lobkova, A. V. Lukjanchikov

Analytical and numerical methods

Algorithms synthesis and potentiality analysis of optimum ultrawideband signal processing in the radiometric system with modulation
Valeriy K. Volosyuk, V. V. Pavlikov, S. S. Zhyla
Overview and comparative analysis of Toeplitz covariance matrix estimation methods for space-time signal processing
A. V. Semeniaka, D. S. Rachkov
An approach of finding the branching curves of nonlinear integral operator arising in the theory of antennas synthesis
B. M. Podlevskyi
Synthesis of amplitude radiation pattern for plane waveguide array using the variational approach and method of aperture orthogonal polynomials
Mykhailo I. Andriychuk, V. P. Tkachuk
The mathematical features of the synthesis of antennas with a flat aperture according to the prescribed amplitude directivity pattern
P. O. Savenko, M. D. Tkach
Modeling of nonlinear effects in HTS resonator
Anatoly I. Luchaninov, Elena V. Krykun, Dimitry S. Gavva
Singular integral equations method in mathematical modeling of specific open conical structure excitation
Vladimir A. Doroshenko, A. P. Blishun, Y. D. Shimuk, N. G. Zuev
Synthesis criteria for line/waveguide junction design
Y. A. Zakharia

Analytical and numerical techniques

Visually lossless compression of synthetic aperture radar images
N. N. Ponomarenko, V. V. Lukin, K. O. Egiazarian
Generation of decelerating airy pulses
Alexandr G. Nerukh, D. A. Zolotariov, D. A. Nerukh
Heuristic approaches application limits for calculation of electromagnetic diffraction by polyhedrons and other scatterers
Michael V. Vesnik
Application of local plane wave decomposition for determination of radiation field of secondary aperture
M. V. Andreev, Valentin F. Borulko
Application of penetrating area method to calculate waveguide рhased antennas array with magnetic-dielectrical materials
S. V. Marchenko, V. M. Morozov
Calculation of the field of periodically nonuniform dielectric plate by the method of А. F. Chaplin
Viktor V. Hoblyk, V. A. Pavlysh, I. V. Nychai
Analysis of radiation patterns of collimator based on modulated metal-dielectric spiral structure
Viktor V. Hoblyk, I. B. Subota, O. M. Liske
The mathematical modeling of radiation patterns of receiving antennas on tropospheric paths
O. L. Pavlova, V. A. Petrov
Method of electrodynamical analysis of complex antennas systems
M. A. Buzova

Microwave technologies application

Possibilities and challenges of material parameter extraction by THz time domain spectroscopy
O. Y. Sushko, Rob S. Donnan, Rostyslav F. Dubrovka, Bin Yang, K. Shala
Frequency and angular dependences of the reflection of radioabsorbing quasi-chaotic dipole material of the "Ternovnik" type
S. B. Bibikov, Ed. I. Kulikovskij, V. N. Semenenko, V. A. Chistyaev
Optoelectronic tools of the laboratory microwave evaluator of a composition of crude oil
Oleg G. Morozov, R. R. Samigullin
Complex permittivity measurements in adaptive microwave complex
Gennadiy A. Morozov, A. Pyarnoya, A. S. Shakirov
Microwave multifrequency images of electrodynamics objects hidden behind wall
V. V. Alekseev, Oleg O. Drobakhin, M. Drobakhina, G. Sherstyuk, A. Zvegintsev
Electromagnetic structures of beam forming of microwave monitoring system
Ivan N. Prudyus, A. N. Zubkov, Leonid V. Lazko, D. A. Mymrikov
Acoustic aerial for the experimental research sodar
A. Yu. Panchenko, N. E. Alferov, V. A. Maryuh
Simulation of microwave exposure of human cells by electromagnetic field of EMF band
Oleksandr M. Dumin, Olga O. Dumina, Nikolay N. Kolchigin, Dmitrij D. Ivanchenko, Yuriy G. Shckorbatov, Vladimir N. Pasiuga
Antenna-rectifier for power supply subsystem of low-small spacecraft
Dmitry V. Gretskih, A. V. Gomozov, Volodymyr M. Shokalo, Sh. F.A. Al-Sammarraie
Adaptive antenna with control of a signal on the station of troposphere communication
Vladymyr I. Rudakov, A. Y. Gupalo, A. A. Kravchenko
Application of microwave technologies for increase of efficiency of polymeric materials recycling
Gennadiy A. Morozov, Oleg G. Morozov, R. R. Samigullin, A. R. Nasibullin
Object detection by precision radiowave defectoscope based on a slot radiator with a use of artificial neural network
A. O. Melnychuk, R. M. Yakymiv, O. M. Liske
Perspective microwave methods of oil spill response
R. A. Ahtyamov, N. H. Gallyamov, Gennadiy A. Morozov, Oleg G. Morozov, A. S. Shakirov
Marine viewfinder
A. N. Nechiporenko, L. D. Fesenko, B. M. Bulgakov

Microwave components

Total transmission through an iris with wall-to-wall stepped slot placed in a rectangular waveguide
S. A. Prikolotin, Anatoliy A. Kirilenko
Polarizers on sections of square waveguides with inner corner ridges
Leonid A. Rud, K. S. Shpachenko
Solving diffraction problems in a step waveguide transition
V. M. Morozov, V. I. Magro, D. V. Lyasota
Fast parameter measurements for antenna-feeder devices
Valentin F. Borulko, V. A. Karlov
Analysis of natural frequency and q-factor estimation for open dielectric resonators with variation of coupling by means of fractional-rational approximation of reflection response
M. V. Andreev, Oleg O. Drobakhin, D. Yu. Saltykov
Analysis of H-shaped slot resonators in microstrip line ground plane for stopband filter design
Yu. V. Rassokhina, V. G. Krizhanovski
Determination of eigenfrequences of a radome with a shaped form
S. P. Malashenkov, I. I. Anikiev, M. I. Mikhailova, E. A. Suschenko
Dielectric properties of foam specimens definition by help of reflection and absorption waves characteristics
Leonid A. Filins’kyy


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