ICATT’95 - Proc. of I Int. Conf. on Antenna Theory and Techniques

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Table of Contents

General antenna theory

Kirchhoff’s theorem extension and Kirchhof’s method development in applied problems of wave diffraction
Abram L. Gutman 14-15
The generalized mirror image principle and its application in aperture antenna theory
Ilia V. Sukharevsky, Oleg I. Sukharevsky 16-17
Method of stationary phase for the edged surface and amplitude function with an edge singularity
Ilia V. Sukharevsky, Oleg I. Sukharevsky 18
State-of-the-art in the theory of antennas with non-linear elements
Yakov S. Shifrin, Anatoly I. Luchaninov 19
Constructive synthesis of antenna arrays
L. G. Kornienko, N. V. Shcherbakov 20
Efficiency of self-balancing potentiometers in the presence of reflections from underlying surface
L. G. Kornienko, O. A. Voitovych 21
Theory of adaptive focusing of transmitting antenna
T. A. Skvortsov 22
The usage of material with high dielectric permittivity for increasing antenna scanning sector in the millimeter wave band
V. I. Karpenko, Y. V. Golub, A. V. Frankov 23
Statistical irregularity influence on the 'antenna-radome' system
V. I. Zamyatin, A. A. Marchenko 24
The polarization method of antenna pattern forming in optically controlled antennas
V. I. Zamyatin, O. V. Karpenko, Y. A. Gusak 25
Investigation of radiation characteristics of Hertz dipole excited by superwide signal
A. V. Nechosa 26
On the maximization of the transmission factor between a radiator and receiving antenna
I. M. Polishchuk, M. I. Polishchuk 27
Some results of dipole antenna broadband radiation modelling
W. Aloksa, Ireneusz Kubiak 28
Excitation of nonsinusoidal electromagnetic fields by cylindrical monopole antennas
A. V. Polisski, B. V. Sosunov, A. A. Timchuk 29
Linear monopole antennas for the radiation of non-sinusoidal video pulse signals
Ye. I. Solokha, L. V. Kostenko, B. N. Bakhvalov 30
Diagnostics and adaptation to the technical state of transmiting-receiving phased arrays
U. R. Liepin 31
Matching of antenna characteristics with methods of secondary signal processing
S. V. Voloshynovskiy, Z. D. Grytskiv, Ivan N. Prudyus 32
Twist-effect: impedance approach, designs, applications
A. I. Semenikhin 33
Simulation of TEM horn antennas. Two dimensional case
Vladimir Veremey, Sergei Latinski 34-35
Microwave holographic antenna array design by using psychophysical properties of eye
V. P. Titar, T. V. Bogdanova 36
Multifunctional holographic radar system based on a large strongly thinned self-focused antennas
N. I. Matyukhin 37
Non-linear holographic wave field processing in multistatic coherent radar
N. I. Matyukhin, A. M. Naboka, V. A. Sorokin 38
Spectral approach to the synthesis of metal grating angular and frequency filters
Sergey L. Senkevich 39

Reflector, lens and hybrid antennas

Opto-microwave technique in the promising active phased antenna arrays
Lev D. Bakhrakh, Yakov S. Shifrin 41
Spatial-frequency-phase-time modulation of radio pulses in transmitting phased-array antennas
V. I. Gomozov 42
The method of geometrical optics approximation for solving the problem of dual-reflector antenna radiation characteristics optimization
Lyubov M. Lobkova, Alexander A. Savochkin, G. V. Stupakov 43
High-resolution pattern control in correlated jammers and signals field environment
I. N. Presnyakov, O. V. Sitnik 44
The estimation of phase measurement errors airborne synthetic aperture radar
I. N. Presnyakov, O. I. Sitnik 45
Effect of dynamics on operational characteristics of on-board deployable space antenna
A. P. Alpatov, P. P. Byelonozhko, R. N. Naumenko 46
Theory and techniques of power distribution systems of microwave multi-channel arrays
Valery V. Konin 47
Hybrid printed antenna
Anatoliy P. Yevdokymov, Volodymyr V. Krizhanovsky 48
Planar multibeam antenna
Anatoliy P. Yevdokymov, Volodymyr V. Krizhanovsky 49
Scanning antenna for automobile radar
Anatoliy P. Yevdokymov, Volodymyr V. Krizhanovsky 50
The project of reconstruction of the radio telescope DKR-1000
V. V. Zakharenko, Yu. M. Bruk, L. G. Sodin 51
Sectional reflector antennas for ground-based satellite signal receiving system
S. S. Vyazmitinova, Nikolay N. Gorobets, I. V. Gorbach 52
Planar multibeam slotted waveguide antenna array with quasi-optical pattern-forming scheme
Nikolay N. Gorobets, Yu. N. Gorobets 53
Sectionalized antenna array with a controlled zone of local sidelobe suppression
A. A. Zelensky, V. V. Lukin, V. N. Merkushev 54
Dual-polarized compact antenna module
Fedor F. Dubrovka, Yu. V. Petrushevsky 55
Radiation performance of finite polarization-invariant antenna arrays
Rostyslav F. Dubrovka 56
A method of robust adaptive antenna array design
L. A. Marchuk 57
Mutual coupling effect of antenna elements in the adaptive antenna arrays designed for signal separation
L. A. Marchuk, A. V. Kolinko, A. V. Yefimov 58
Two-stage robust algorithm of antenna array adaptation
L. A. Marchuk, A. W. Kolinko, N. F. Giniyatullin 59
Investigation of microwave landing system phased antenna array reliability
S. K. Onishchuk, Ludvig Ya. Ilnitskiy, L. V. Sibruk 60
Stability enhancement of radiation characteristics of dielectric covered antenna arrays
A. V. Korneev, A. V. Polisski, Yu. A. Hitrov 61
Analysis of destabilizing factors effect on hybrid reflector antenna radiation
G. N. Smorodin, V. B. Braude 62
Analysis of infinite antenna array by the method of piercing region
V. I. Magro, V. M. Morozov 63
Matrix methods for the analysis of polarization losses in antenna arrays
Peter L. Tokarsky 64
Super-resolution obtained by the fast Fourier transform method
U. R. Liepin 65
Correction of mutual coupling in digital antenna array
Vadym I. Slyusar 66
Consideration of primary channels interference of digital antenna array when measuring their directivity characteristics
Vadym I. Slyusar, N. M. Nikitin 67
Using of high-resolution in time delay for the analysis of dispersive properties and losses of an antenna cable
Vadym I. Slyusar 68
Step-like window convolution based on apodization function for antenna arrays with digital signal processing
I. P. Anukhin, S. N. Kobzev, V. V. Lukin 69

Antennas for communications and broadcasting

Computer analysis and optimization of radiation characteristics of vibrator and microstrip antennas
Nadezhda P. Yeliseyeva 71
Power and directional characteristics of a waveguide feed with impedance flange
Nikolay N. Gorobets, Viktor M. Dakhov, I. V. Gorbach 72
New method of evaluating input impedances of on-board thin-wire antennas
V. S. Varyvdin 73
Antenna set for multi-channel TV system
M. V. Gryanik, M. D. Ilyinov, S. G. Pasechnik 74-75
On the use of available high-rise constructions for the medium frequency broadcasting antennas installation
V. B. Braude, R. Jaboukji, A. F. Jigmanov 76
Wire antenna near extended metal bodies
Boris M. Levin 77
New T-antenna
N. P. Tarasov 78

Antenna measurements

Amplitude methods of antenna characteristics determination
Vladimir A. Usin, O. D. Anokhina, A. V. Nechosa 80
Anechoic chamber profiles synthesis
Svetlana V. Butakova 81-82
Capacitance between the coaxial chamber’s conductors
Boris M. Levin, V. G. Markov 83
Application of spectral analysis methods in antenna measurements
Oleg O. Drobakhin, A. D. Klimenko 84
Application of system identification methods for the free space reflection coefficient measurements
Ya. V. Belichenko, Oleg O. Drobakhin, D. Yu. Saltykov 85
Control of parameters of dielectric antenna coverings according to the reflection coefficient frequency dependence by quasi-solution search method
M. V. Andreev 86
Experimental estimation of the petalled antenna system characteristics
O. D. Anokhina, Vladimir A. Usin, I. V. Gorbach 87

Microwave components and circuits, fiber-optic links

Full-wave electromagnetic modeling
Anatoliy A. Kirilenko 89
Components and devices of microwave-frequency circuits
Victor A. Katrich 90-91
Complex eigenfrequency spectra and regularities of waveguide structure scattering characteristics
Anatoliy A. Kirilenko, Leonid A. Rud, B. G. Tysik 92
Angular waveguide elements as mode convertors
Anatoliy A. Kirilenko, Leonid A. Rud, Vladimir I. Tkachenko 93
Algorithm and results of designing the circular pillbox-type vacuum windows in rectangular waveguides
O. L. Olshevskiy, Leonid A. Rud, Vladimir I. Tkachenko 94
Full-wave electromagnetic model of ortho-mode transducer
T. I. Vasilyeva 95
Development principles of the system of linear microwave devices modeling
Vladimir I. Tkachenko 96
Nonlinear effects in microwave antenna feeds
Diana V. Semenikhina 97
Helicon isolators for meter and decameter waves
Vladimir S. Vountesmery, Galina P. Krasilitch 98-99
Investigation of polarization divider in an L-waveguide
L. D. Zubko, V. G. Krizhanovski, Yu. V. Rassokhina 100-101
The scattering of electromagnetic wave at the finite-length branching in E-plane of rectangular waveguide
V. M. Morozov, N. E. Sobornitski 102

Microwave technologies application

Global wireless power transmission
Peter E. Glaser 104
Theory and experiment of the microwave beam power transmission systems
Yakov S. Shifrin, Volodymyr M. Shokalo, Anatoly I. Luchaninov, A. M. Rybalko, A. A. Shcherbina, A. A. Konovaltsev 105-106
Investigation of ways of creation of high-efficiency rectennas
Volodymyr M. Shokalo, A. A. Konovaltsev 107
Experimental study of rectennas with full-wave receiving-rectifying elements
A. A. Konovaltsev, Anatoly I. Luchaninov, A. M. Rybalko, Volodymyr M. Shokalo, A. A. Shcherbina 108
Experience of using the microwave power for processing industrial and agricultural products
N. D. Kolpakov, V. T. Glyanko, S. V. Luzganova 109
Microwave techniques in agriculture
L. F. Kuchin, A. D. Cherenkov, V. A. Grabina 110
Small-size "contact" antenna for medical applications
V. V. Dolzhikov, T. M. Maslamani, V. A. Nazarenko, S. N. Sakalo 111
Mathematical simulation of microwave scattering in the medium with characteristic features of biological tissues and prospectives of microwave tomography
Oleg I. Sukharevsky, V. N. Lesovoy, V. L. Zamiatin, S. A. Gorelyshev, A. A. Podorozhnyak 112
Microwave sterilization method and apparatus
V. N. Vasilenko, V. V. Minuhin, A. A. Podorozhnyak, S. I. Trubaev 113
Microwave safety equipment for industrial applications of microwave technologies
I. D. Gladkoskok 114

Remote sensing and hydroacoustic antennas

Application of antenna with controllable polarization for hail and icing areas detection
Felix J. Yanovsky 116-117
Investigation aimed at studying aircraft landing system guidance errors emerging due to multipath propagation
Ludvig Ya. Ilnitskiy, L. V. Sibruk 118
Investigation of geoelectric parameters of rock
A. V. Korneev, B. V. Sosunov, Yu. A. Hitrov 119
Methods and means of creating a "mesospheric star" for adaptive optical antennas
M. F. Lagutin, A. A. Zarudny, A. L. Verkhorobin 120
Adaptive compensation of antenna gain losses for a far tropospheric propagation
Vladymyr I. Rudakov 121
"Angel-echo" in acoustics
Nina G. Maksimova, Yu. N. Ulyanov 122
Optimized antenna device for sounding the atmospheric boundary layer by a radar acoustic system
S. I. Babkin, G. U. Grusha, E. G. Proshkin 123
Problems of design and application of powerful electromagnetic sources with power supply from explosive magnetic generator
Yu. F. Lonin, S. S. Pushkaryov, V. I. Chumakov 124