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Invited papers

Atomic and R-functions in radiophysical applications
Victor F. Kravchenko
Slotted waveguide antennas for practical radar systems
S. S. Sekretarov, Dmitry M. Vavriv
Metamaterials on antenna solutions
Vadym I. Slyusar
State-of-the-arts reconfigurable antennas—principles, devices, applications
Yevhen M. Yashchishyn
Radiation characteristics of a wire antenna with finite size plane and corner screens
Nadezhda P. Yeliseyeva, Nikolay N. Gorobets
The development of antenna theory and techniques in Lviv Polytechnic National University
Yu. Ya. Bobalo, V. P. Antoniuk, V. D. Golynskyy, Viktor V. Hoblyk, Leonid V. Lazko, D. O. Mymrikov, V. G. Nikitchenko, Ivan N. Prudyus, G. S. Radzih, V. G. Storozh, Eugenia I. Yakovenko, Y. A. Zakharia, A. M. Zubkov
Enhanced transmission through below-cutoff holes and eigenoscillations of waveguide objects and periodical structures
Anatoliy A. Kirilenko, Nataliya G. Kolmakova (Don), Andrey O. Perov
A new approach to analysis of curvilinear conducting surface radiators
Fedor F. Dubrovka, O. V. Tolkachov

General antenna theory

Synthesis of 2D directional diagrams of antennas with arbitrary apperture based on atomic and R-functions
Victor F. Kravchenko, O. V. Kravchenko, A. R. Safin
Kravchenko-Rvachov probability distribution in the problems of analysis and synthesis for linear arrays
Victor F. Kravchenko, O. V. Kravchenko, A. R. Safin
Axial symmetric electromagnetic field of the magnetic strip on a finite cone
O. B. Trishchuk, D. B. Kuryliak
Building of tensor Green’s functions for solving of radiation problem from slot in wall of sending structure
V. M. Morozov, V. I. Magro, V. S. Marmer
Asymptotic methods on the solution of diffraction problems on the convex impedance cylinders
V. I. Vyunnik, A. A. Zvyagintsev
Influence of reactive sheet resistance on radiation characteristics and dipoles and loop aerials dispersion
G. V. Gerasimovich, A. P. Juobko
Resonance properties of quasiperiodic layered structures
M. V. Andreev, Valentin F. Borulko, Oleg O. Drobakhin, D. V. Sidorov
Accuracy estimation of cross polar radiation prediction of open-ended thin-wall circular waveguide by approximate methods
Fedor F. Dubrovka, S. I. Piltyay
Interacting of the wire antennas which have been had in the near-field region, with the account underlaying surface
S. A. Chekan
Mathematical model of a loaded conical antenna excitation
Vladimir A. Doroshenko, Y. D. Shimuk
Scattering properties of thin conductive fibres
V. I. Demidchik, R. V. Kornev, P. D. Kuharchik
Interaction of eigenwaves of the insulated image dielectric waveguide with system of transverse slots in the screen
D. V. Mayboroda, Sergey A. Pogarsky, I. I. Saprykin
The use of equivalent replacement method for design of dual-frequency balanced devices
V. I. Oborzhytskyy, Ivan N. Prudyus
Curved radiators in the near-field and far-field zones of observation
Nikolay N. Gorobets, A. V. Trivaylo
Thin vibrators with arbitrary excitation and surface impedance
Mikhail V. Nesterenko, Victor A. Katrich, V. M. Dakhov, Sergey L. Berdnik
The electromagnetic waves diffraction by bounded and semi-infinite sequences of plane screens with slot
M. E. Kaliberda, Sergey A. Pogarsky, Svetlana V. Pshenichnaya
The electromagnetic waves diffraction on finite aperture array
A. A. Borodinskiy, V. V. Zemlyakov, Aleksander M. Lerer, Gennadiy P. Sinyavsky

Reflector, lens and hybrid antennas

Isolation ratio between the reflector antennas which have been had in the near-field region
S. A. Chekan
Compact multibeam reflector antenna for satellite TV signal receiving
Michael V. Vesnik
A double-reflector antenna of millimeter range with wide-angle scanning
N. M. Naumovich, V. Muravjev, Oleg A. Yurtsev, D. Moskaliov, V. V. Kizimenko, S. Baty
Sphero-conical spiral antenna
A. V. Lukjanchikov, V. N. Salazko, I. A. Evstigneev
Radiation characteristics of a novel "ring-in-cone" antenna
Fedor F. Dubrovka, V. L. Bankowsky
The research of antennas on the cold plasma
Viktor V. Ovsyanikov, S. V. Jakimenko, S. M. Moroz
Circular polarization antenna for CW V-band radar
Sergey V. Kashin
Plasmon antenna with complex profile of dielectric permittivity change
Viktor V. Hoblyk, I. V. Nychai, O. M. Liske

Antenna arrays

The fast converging method of calculation of wire radiators in infinite planar phased antenna array
Viktor P. Kudzin
Investigation of solutions of the nonlinear synthesis problem for linear array by the generalized Newton method
Mykhailo I. Andriychuk
Nonlinear synthesis problem of flat equidistant antenna arrays according to the prescribed amplitude directivity pattern
L. P. Protsakh, P. O. Savenko, M. D. Tkach
Bearing estimation of a source with complicated spectrum using a moving sparse antenna array
P. I. Korotin, A. A. Rodionov, V. I. Turchin
Adjustment and beam forming in circular antenna array with conformal and phase scanning
Yuri Y. Bobkov, Oleg A. Yurtsev, A. Moiseev, D. Moskaliov
EM analysis of planar electronically scanned array antennas with radiating element errors
C. S. Wang, M. Liu, L. H. Ping, H. Bao
Bee swarm algorithm for synthesis of antenna arrays
A. Yu. Galan, R. Sauleau, A. I. Nosich, Artem V. Boriskin
S-band planar strip array antennas without dielectric substrate
Sergiy Ye. Martynyuk, S. B. Nazarenko
Antenna array development with non-linear signal processing
Lyubov M. Lobkova, A. V. Lukjanchikov

Adaptive antennas, smart antennas, signal processing

Adaptive antenna systems of telecommunication networks
V. O. Pelishok
Array signal processing in long-range multimode channels: optimal schemes and effects of the signal coherence and modal noise
Alexander I. Malekhanov
Scattering wideband pulse signals by non-smooth surfaces
Oleg O. Drobakhin, D. Yu. Saltykov, A. D. Saltykov
The view of cable connection line as a form of antennas for assesment of its protectability from external noise during videoinformation transmission
O. O. Dudka, O. I. Tsopa, Volodymyr M. Shokalo
Investigation of the reconfigurable antenna with a set of PIN diodes
P. Bajurko, Yevhen M. Yashchishyn

Ultra-wideband, broadband and multi frequency antennas

UWB planar antenna dipole in the sandwich configuration
M. Pergol, W. Zieniutycz
Development of the radiating part of an ultra-wideband tapered-slot antenna for GPR applications
Ye. S. Maksimovitch, V. A. Mikhnev, P. Vainikainen
The broadband multichannel UHF transmitting TV antenna
Viktor P. Kudzin, N. J. Sannikov
Cross-polar radiation of a dual-band coaxial feed horn with partial dielectric loading
Fedor F. Dubrovka, Rostyslav F. Dubrovka, Yu. A. Ovsianyk
An excitation of the linear antenna by the relativistic charge in the circular waveguide
S. D. Prijmenko, E. P. Rjabkova
Analysis and design of plasma monopole antenna
Wei Li, Jinghui Qiu, Ying Suo
Full-band frequency-integrated antenna monitoring system
H. P. Khymych, Yu. A. Umzar, V. F. Tkachenko

Low-gain, printed antennas

Numerical analysis of patch antenna as antenna array element
V. V. Kizimenko, Yuri Y. Bobkov
Numerical and experimental research of helical antennas for GPS applications
Fedor F. Dubrovka, D. S. Dolzhenko, A. Ju. Sushko
The linear polarized horn antenna with decreased effective scattering area
V. P. Manoilov, Vladimir V. Pavluk, O. L. Sidorchuk, N. N. Karashchuk

Antennas for mobile communications

Shaping coverage using antenna arrays for load-balancing in cellular networks
J. Wu, Rostyslav F. Dubrovka, J. Bigham, P. Jiang
Wireless backhaul in cellular networks using phased array antenna with optically controlled phase shifter
P. Jiang, Rostyslav F. Dubrovka, Rob S. Donnan, J. Bigham, J. Wu
Architectural solutions of testing network for mobile operators
I. V. Kashtanov, O. D. Arkhelyuk
Influence of interference in GSM network and optimum solutions
I. V. Kashtanov, O. D. Arkhelyuk

Antennas for remote sensing

The usage features of multifrequency space-time signals in super-fast scanning radar with active phased antenna array
V. K. Gorshkov, I. N. Leonov, Y. N. Sedyshev, A. F. Shevchenko, V. A. Tyutyunnik
Using of H-field antennas in system for searching of people under avalanches
Igor B. Shirokov, M. A. Durmanov
Estimation of positions of local narrow-band sources on a ship hull using a vertical antenna array
Denis A. Orlov, A. A. Rodionov, V. I. Turchin
Black body as an antenna and transmitter combination
A. N. Titov
Integrated antenna synthesis of the objects monitoring systems in the microwave band
Ivan N. Prudyus, A. M. Zubkov, Y. A. Zakharia, D. O. Mymrikov
The new method of electronic scanning
A. Khludneva, M. Mikhailov, V. Paslyon
An effective approach to the fast, GPU-based, through-wall imaging
A. Capozzoli, C. Curcio, G. D’Elia, G. Iadarola, A. Liseno, P. Vinetti
Experimental research of active UWB video pulse scanning antenna array
Yu. B. Gurfinkel, A. P. Kurochkin, V. F. Los', A. G. Ostrovsky
Polarization selective antennas for reflected wave depolarization determination
Yu. A. Averyanova, Felix J. Yanovsky, A. A. Averyanov
Direction of arrival estimation with sensor arrays
J. M. Czapska, Yevhen M. Yashchishyn
Near-field microwave tomography
K. P. Gaikovich, P. K. Gaikovich, Ye. S. Maksimovitch, V. A. Badeev, V. A. Mikhnev
Nufft-based imaging of vegetation on graphic cards
A. Capozzoli, C. Curcio, G. D’Elia, A. Di Vico, A. Liseno, P. Vinetti
Filtering of remote sensing images formed by synthetic aperture radar
N. N. Ponomarenko, V. V. Lukin, S. K. Abramov, K. O. Egiazarian
Combined antenna for a mobile system of radioacoustic sounding
Yury N. Ulianov, V. L. Misailov, V. I. Vetrov

Antenna measurements

3-Probe microwave measuring instrument of vibration of mechanical objects with non-plane surface
Oleg O. Drobakhin, A. V. Doronin, V. V. Grigor’ev
A method of measurement of directivity characteristics of antenna’s elements for digital antenna array in conditions of jammers
Vadym I. Slyusar, S. V. Voloshko
Determination of parameters of antenna model in the form of point sources using scanning measurements
M. V. Andreev, Valentin F. Borulko
Adaptive radiointerferometer with microprocessor of a signal in the mobile station of a troposphere communication
Vladymyr I. Rudakov
Diminizing method of measure errors of phase radiation pattern microwave antennas
Yury P. Mickhayluck

Analytical and numerical methods

Possible way to increasing of finite-difference time-domain algorithm efficiency
V. P. Soldatenkov
Antenna synthesis based on the ant colony optimization algorithm
Vadym I. Slyusar, S. Y. Ermolaev
Scattering properties of carbon nanotube antennas
Aleksander M. Lerer, V. V. Makhno, P. V. Makhno, Oleg S. Labunko
Synthesis of shaped beam antenna pattern using a new phase method of fan partial patterns
A. N. Gribanov, A. N. Titov, G. F. Moseychuk
An optimized MAS for solving scattering problems
A. Capozzoli, C. Curcio, G. D’Elia, G. De Bono, A. Liseno, P. Vinetti
Computational methods in mathematical and computer modeling of electromagnetic field distribution behind the grate of scatterers
V. A. Otdielnov
Mathematical models of the radiating and waveguide structures with N-fold periodicity
Viktor V. Hoblyk
Mathematical model of the cylinder with modulation of surface impedance by periodic sequence of Gaus functions
Viktor V. Hoblyk, V. A. Pavlysh
Mathematical model and the analysis of a field of the disk impedance antenna with spiral heterogeniety
Viktor V. Hoblyk, Nadiya M. Hoblyk
New method of graphic representation of electromagnetic fields structure
A. N. Gribanov

Microwave components and circuits, fiber-optic links

Generalized analysis of UHF transmissionlines junction twoport with the wire coupling element
Y. A. Zakharia, O. V. Kobilyanska
Comparative analysis of novel compact and usual smooth 90-degree twists
Anatoliy A. Kirilenko, Dmitry Yu. Kulik, Leonid A. Rud, A. E. Sverdlenko
Resonance of total rejection produced by a thin vertical stepped conductor in rectangular waveguide
Anatoliy A. Kirilenko, S. A. Prikolotin
A novel broadband coaxial orthomode transducer with high port isolation
Fedor F. Dubrovka, Dmytro O. Vasylenko
A low phase noise microstrip push-push oscillator with third harmonic output
B. O. Kotserzhynskyi, Mykhaylo U. Omelianenko, Ivan S. Tsvelykh
Millimeter-wave integrated circuits based on novel probe microstrip line and coplanar stripline exciters
Oleksandr Iezhov, Mykhaylo U. Omelianenko
Research on operation principle of exploding magnetic generator of frequency
Ying Suo, Jinghui Qiu, Shouwei Gong
Circuit realization microwave antennas-oscillator on strip antennas
V. D. Golynskyy, Ivan N. Prudyus

Industrial and medical applications of microwave technologies

Analysis of fields reflected from model of human body surface using artificial neural network in time domain
D. V. Shyrokorad, Oleksandr M. Dumin, Olga O. Dumina, V. O. Katrich
Modelling of street radio links as microwave multiports at work of system WiMAX in the conditions of the city
A. A. Strelnitskiy, A. I. Tsopa, Volodymyr M. Shokalo
Resonance near-field microwave diagnostics in dermatology
A. V. Kostrov, A. V. Strikovskiy, D. V. Yanin, A. I. Smirnov, G. A. Pantileeva, Z. V. Davoyan
The process of recovery of cell membrane damage produced by the lowlevel microwave radiation
Vladimir N. Pasiuga, Yuriy G. Shckorbatov, Nikolay N. Kolchigin, Dmitrij D. Ivanchenko, V. I. Bykov
Research of multiantenna systems of telecommunication networks
M. M. Klimash, V. O. Pelishok, Oleg M. Yaremko
Control of the radiation characteristics of a leaky-wave antenna by manipulation of the grating profile
Sergiy O. Steshenko, Anatoliy A. Kirilenko
The system of longitudinal slots in a waveguide with dielectric layer
A. A. Lyakhovsky, A. F. Lyakhovsky, Natalya K. Blinova, Ludmila P. Yatsuk
Mutual interaction between Vee-dipoles placed over the interface between two media
Yu. A. Panchenko
Control of directional diagram of the inphase array for radiators of supershort radio impulses
I. S. Shostko