The program for this conference is available via the following link.
Program of X anniversary international conference ICATT'2015 (pdf 209 k)


Dear colleagues, dear friends,

We are glad to greet all the participants of X International conference on antenna theory and techniques (ICATT’2015).

Ukraine goes through the difficult time now. The long term acts of war in the South-East of Ukraine have already brought huge destructions, caused the million flows of refugees, and sharply complicated the economical situation in Ukraine. Especially bitter is death of many military and civil people.

Nevertheless, science lives and develops. New scientific journals have been published; theses have been protected for candidate and doctoral degrees. A lot of new interesting results have been obtained for the last two years in the field of antennas and microwave engineering, which are to be discussed at ICATT’2015.

We are holding this anniversary conference in Kharkiv being the center of radio electronics in Ukraine. Here are located six big high schools, whereat future radio specialists are trained; here are lumped a number of research and scientific institutes of radioelectronic profile, particularly, a few academic institutes, such as the O.Ya. Usikov Institute of Radio physics and Electronics, Institute of Radio Astronomy, Institute of Ionosphere. Majority of the city industry is related to radio electronics. Located in Kharkiv are also the Academy of Sciences of Applied Radio Electronics and the Ukrainian National Antenna Association, which are the main  organizers of ICATT’2015.

The Program Committee of ICATT’2015 has totally accepted 127 papers for  presentation at plenary and routine sessions.

As usually, special attention is paid to selection of plenary and invited papers. Here, we would like to mention the presentation submitted by a big group of scientists (83 authors) from 8 countries. This paper is devoted to the urgent problem of creation of giant phased antenna arrays for modern radio telescopes. It causes interest because it shows the accepted by European Union system of scientific research organization, when scientific establishments of different countries are involved in the work on solving large-scale scientific problems.

In conclusion, we would like to thank all the sponsors for financial and technical support of ICATT’2015, particularly the European Microwave Association that granted both 1.000,00 Euro for awarding young scientists in the best presentation competition and 1.000,00 for ICATT’2015 holding and its Proceedings publishing, and also IEEE for the financial support and permission to publish ICATT’2015 Proceedings at the IEEE Xploreâ Database.

We are grateful to the Organizing Committee and Working Group, especially secretary of Ukrainian National Antenna Association Dr. Nina Maksimova, for the huge work on preparation of our conference.

And finally we thank all the ICATT’2015 participants and particularly those who arrive to Kharkiv notwithstanding all the complicacies of today situation in Ukraine.

We wish the ICATT’2015 attendees to have a fruitful work and to strengthen friendly links.

We are sure that ICATT’2015 will essentially favor the further development of microwave science.

Honorary Chairman Yakov S. Shifrin

Chairman Peter L. Tokarsky