Kharkiv is the second in population, one-and-a-half-million city founded in 1654, which used to be a capital of Ukraine from 1918 to 1934. It is a comfortable, beautiful in architecture and green city with numerous sights worthy to look at: remarkable theatres, museums, parks and monuments. One of the latter is the magnificent and unique Taras Shevchenko monument (the best among 200 ones worldwide). This monument is inseparable from the surrounding park area named Shevchenko garden that borders from one side with the main city square – the Svobody (Freedom) square being the largest in Ukraine and one of the largest in Europe. This is the venue of festivals, concerts, fairs, rallies, meetings, and other public events. The central part of square's circumference is occupied by the State Industry Building or Derzhprom. This is one of city's unique architectural and historic sights. It was built in 1925-1928 to become the first high-rise building in the country. The architectural complex forming the square includes two edifices of the Karazin Kharkiv National University, the building of the Oblast State Administration, hotel “Kharkiv” and the new four-star hotel “Kharkov-Palace”. The square flanks the main city thoroughfare - the Sumskaya street with its beautiful buildings, theatres, parks, and public gardens.

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Kharkiv has reasonably been considered as an intellectual, scientific and industrial centre of Ukraine. It is the city of students, scientists, creative intelligentsia. The famous Ukrainian Institute of Physics and Technology (abbreviated in Russian as UFTI) – alma mater of theoretical and experimental physics in Ukraine – was created namely in Kharkiv. Unlike in any other city of Ukraine, here are concentrated a lot of high schools, research institutes and industrial enterprises of radiotechnical type, in particular the academic Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics, Institute of Radio Astronomy, Institute of Ionosphere, and a single in Ukraine specialized technical high school – the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (KNURE) – a host of ICATT’2015.



KNURE was founded in 1962 on the basis of the Kharkov Mining Institute (which was transferred to another city). At the transition period, from 1962 to 1966, it had been called the Kharkov Institute of Mining Engineering, Automation and Computer Engineering. For this period, mining specialties were gradually replaced by new specialties of radioelectronic and computing profile. In 1966, the Institute was named the Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics, in 1993 it was given a status of technical university, and in 2001 – a status of national university. Today KNURE is a dynamically developing higher educational institution of IV (highest) level of accreditation. It is a unique high school that has no analog in Ukraine in concentration of scientific and technology potential in the field of radio techniques, electronics, information technologies, telecommunications and computer engineering.

  • KNURE consists of 32 chairs distributed among 9 faculties.
  • At the University, over 12 thousands of students from 53 countries study for 34 specialties.
  • There also effectively functions an effective system for training scientific and pedagogical personnel of higher qualification, which includes doctoral and post graduate school.

Today 8 specialized academic councils work with KNURE, where researchers from the university and other organizations of Ukraine defense about 40 theses for DrSc and PhD degrees on 28 specialties every year.

The scientific, pedagogical, engineering and technical staff of over 1000 persons, including over 160 Professors, Doctors of Sciences, 370 candidates of sciences, associate professors, work with the University.

Scientific achievements of KNURE are widely known in Ukraine and beyond it, owing, in particular, to a great amount of scientific schools founded by known scientists.

The investigations have been carried out on fundamental and applied topics. The scientists successfully work on implementation of several national programs.

The University is a center-coordinator of science in the area of radio electronics, it hosts the international Academy of Sciences of Applied Radio Electronics and the Ukraine National Antenna Association.

Faculties and departments of the University actively cooperate with 60 establishments (high schools, research centers and IT-companies) of over 20 countries including UK, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Mexico etc.

The second in Ukraine Microsoft Innovation Centre has been open at KNURE, which is the scientific-educational center where students, teachers and IT-specialists can realize their talents in the IT field and get a platform for cooperation in study and innovative decisions.

The university publishes 6 scientific and technological journals including “Applied Radio Electronics” and “Radiotekhnika” and one journal for teachers “Novyi Kolegium”. Every year, there have been held about 20 international conferences.

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