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Invited papers

Microwave spherical focusing systems
S. S. Vinogradov
The family of atomic functions and digital signal processing in synthetic aperture radar
Victor F. Kravchenko, Valeriy K. Volosyuk, V. V. Pavlikov
Microwave scattering on atmospheric particles
Felix J. Yanovsky, Leo P. Ligthart
Adaptive techniques of the wavefield formation in random-inhomogeneous multimode propagation channels by the use of large arrays
Elena Yu. Gorodetskaya, Alexander I. Malekhanov, A. G. Sazontov, N. K. Vdovicheva
EBG resonator antennas: State of the art and prospects
C. Menudier, M. Thevenot, T. Monediere, B. Jecko
Recent progress in development of multiband feed horns (Review)
Fedor F. Dubrovka, Rostyslav F. Dubrovka, Yu. A. Ovsianyk, Ya. O. Rospopa
Minimization of phase noise in scaled device coupled mode oscillators
Ulrich L. Rohde, Ajay K. Poddar
VLBI-observation of ‘Huygens’ probe
Kees van’t Klooster
Diffraction radiation antennas for SHF and EHF radiosystems
Anatoliy P. Yevdokymov, Volodymyr V. Krizhanovsky
Design and simulation of novel broadband antenna for mobile telecommunication
Wei Li, Qiu Jinghui, Chen Xin, Ying Suo
Microwave measurement of directories and foweve electronics & their applications
C. D. Gupta
The reflectivity investigation of satellite and ground based antennas at 100-380 GHz and 80 K
Vladimir V. Parshin
Beauty of fractals design of fractal antennas
G. G. Chavka
Effects of the element separation on the noise performance of receiving antenna arrays
Marianna V. Ivashina, E. E.M. Woestenburg, E. A. Redkina
Matrix theory of dissipative antenna arrays
Peter L. Tokarsky
Asymptotic wave-like modeling of dielectric lenses
Vladimir B. Yurchenko, A. A. Itintas
Antenna beam scanning via aperture synthesis
Konstantin A. Lukin

General antenna theory

Electric characteristics of a skin layer of a plasma jet generated as a result of the blank cartridge explosion in a free space
O. O. Puzanov
Forming and radiation of high-power short radio pulses
Yuriy K. Sirenko, Vadim L. Pazynin, O. S. Shafalyuk
Scattering of an E-polarized plane wave by elongated cylinder of arbitrary cross-section
S. S. Vinogradov, Carol Wilson
A discussion on the properties of electrically small fractal antennas
Volodymir M. Onufrienko
60 years of electrically small antennas theory
Vadym I. Slyusar
Resonance degenerate plane lattice of magnetodielectric spheres with a hole
Anatoliy I. Kozar
Electromagnetic field of dipole antenna in multilayered medium with losses
A. B. Kleshchenkov, Aleksander M. Lerer, Oleg S. Labunko
Radiation of electromagnetic field pulses by planar dipole antennas at different modes of excitation
O. A. Orlenko, P. V. Kholod, V. P. Ruban
Diffraction field of the vertical dipole from sphere with aperture, screening by the dielectric layer
Vyachelav A. Rezunenko, S. V. Roshchupkin, E. I. Radchenko
Electrodynamics characteristics of the transversal slot radiator in a rectangular waveguide with a layered dielectric filling
Natalya K. Blinova, A. A. Lyakhovsky, Ludmila P. Yatsuk
Near-field radiation from sectoral horns
Anna V. Shishkova, Nikolay N. Gorobets, Elena E. Ovsyannikova

Microwave components and circuits, fiber-optic links

Design of SPMT switches matched by means of transforming four-poles
V. I. Oborzhytskyy
Helix antennas for generators of short high-voltage pulses
M. I. Boyko
Solid state nonstationary spectrometers SUBTHz and THz frequency ranges for analytical applications
V. L. Vaks, S. I. Pripolzin, A. N. Panin, S. D. Nikiforov, A. A. Vinogradov
H10 wave diffraction in a rectangular waveguide by a narrow walls impedance jump
L. M. Logacheva, S. V. Kutsak, V. P. Bondaryev
Frequency selective surfaces with L-shaped apertures
O. A. Blinnikova, Nataliya G. Kolmakova (Don), Anatoliy A. Kirilenko
Complex frequencies of the rectangular resonator with the arbitrary number of the dielectric hetrogeneities
S. S. Samoylyk, V. P. Bondaryev
On the development of efficient computational algorithm for transmission lines
V. V. Khoroshun, N. A. Syvozalizov
The evolution of nonmonochromatic mode fields in a waveguide with space dispersive medium
Anatoliy G. Rutkas, Larisa A. Vlasenko
The short pulse intensification in thin film
Abram L. Gutman
Noise reduction techniques for configurable RF signal source
Ulrich L. Rohde, Ajay K. Poddar
Low cost signal source for multi-band multi-mode wireless systems
Ulrich L. Rohde, Ajay K. Poddar
Electrophysical properties of nematic liquid crystals under stationary and microwave electric and magnetic fields
Mykhail P. Kukhtin, Alexandr I. Kocherzhin, Longin N. Lisetski, Alexandr G. Nerukh, Alexandr P. Fedoryako, Nina N. Kukhtina
Electrodynamics of regular composite medium with grates of contrast material plates
V. B. Kazanskiy, V. R. Tuz
Scattering fields of chiral layers periodical sequence
V. B. Kazanskiy, V. R. Tuz
Transient radiation from the open end of circular waveguide
Oleksandr M. Dumin, Olga O. Dumina, Yu Zheng, Anna V. Shishkova, V. O. Katrich

Analytical and numerical methods

The near zone field of crossed impedance vibrators in absorbing medium over the perfect conducting plane
Victor A. Katrich, Mikhail V. Nesterenko, V. M. Dakhov
Resolvent operator of maxwell equations for 6-dimentional field vector
A. Vozianova, Alexandr G. Nerukh
Application of wavelet transform to the solution of scattering problems
S. N. Romanenko, L. M. Karpukov, R. D. Pulov
To numerical solution of problem on mean-square approximation of real nonnegative finite function with respect to two variables by module of double fourier transformation
P. O. Savenko, M. D. Tkach
The analysis and simulation of ellipsoid antenna for millimeter-wave imaging
Li Hongmei, Wang Nannan, Bai Wenjing, Wang Miao
The simulation research of an S-band low-sidelobe antenna
Yang Caitian, Bai Wenjing, Wang Nannan, Chen Xin
The simulation of effective parameters of composite media with embedded metal-dielectric thin fibers
V. I. Demidchik, N. Yu. Sitsko
System spectral analysis of the signals
Leonid F. Chernogor, Oleg V. Lazorenko
Back propagation neural network method of solution of normal fat dipole and truncated conical grounded monopole and optimization by genetic algorithm
C. D. Gupta
Analytical and numerical method for solving model problems of slotted cone antenna impulse excitation
Vladimir A. Doroshenko
Extension of diffraction theory heuristic methods feasibilities by use of the method of generalized eikonal
Michael V. Vesnik
On boundary conditions on the curvilinear metallic surface
S. D. Prijmenko
Design of wire antennas with using of genetic algorithms
G. G. Chavka, N. Litwinczuk
Influence of thickness of perfectly conducting plate on its scattering characteristics
V. P. Soldatenkov
Numerical modeling of multi-beam reflector antennas
Oleg A. Yurtsev, N. M. Naumovich, E. A. Pikhta
Numerical simulation of monopulse double-reflector antennas
Oleg A. Yurtsev, N. M. Naumovich, E. A. Pikhta
Diffraction of light wave on bi-dimensionally periodic metallic nanogratings. Theoretical study
I. A. Kazmin, Oleg S. Labunko, Aleksander M. Lerer, V. I. Makhno, P. V. Makhno, D. E. Zelenchuk
Method of analysis of antennas and transmission lines
V. M. Morozov, V. I. Magro
Some potentialities and prospects of the partial scattering operators method
I. L. Verbitskii
Comparison of absorbing boundary conditions for numerical analysis of periodic structures
Aleksander Yu. Butrym, Maxim N. Legenkiy
Mode basis method for spherical TEM-transmission lines and antennas
Aleksander Yu. Butrym, Bogdan A. Kochetov
Transient spherical wave front steadying in the near zone of an antenna
Aleksander Yu. Butrym, Yu Zheng

Broadband and multi frequency antennas

Contour optimization of a planar broadband dipole using genetic algorithms
Dmytro O. Vasylenko, Fedor F. Dubrovka, Peter Edenhofer
Designing of multifrequency wire antennas with shunts
Viktor V. Ovsyanikov
Research and design on ultra-wideband dielectric hemispheric lens loaded quad-ridged horn antenna
Jinghui Qiu, Ying Suo, Wei Li
The simulation research of a novel uwb triangle monopole antenna
Shu Lin, Jinghui Qiu, Xuemai Gu, He Ren, Bo Zhao
Compact reflector antenna with the monopole sub-reflector
S. A. Radionov
Digital analysis of the non-linear ultrawideband processes
Leonid F. Chernogor, Oleg V. Lazorenko, Sergey V. Lazorenko, Oleg V. Vishnivetsky
Ultra wideband horn antenna excitation by a crack
V. P. Manoilov, Vladimir V. Pavluk, V. V. Chuhov
UWB radiating antenna arrays with strong coupling between the elements
Genadiy P. Pochanin, T. N. Ogurtsova
A new broadband UHF antenna with controlled current distribution
G. G. Chavka
Radiation of planar stripline ultra-wideband antenna for WPAN systems
M. Garbaruk
Time and frequency analysis of signals used in pulsed antenna ultra-wideband radiocommunication systems
M. Garbaruk
Wideband irregular-shaped fractal antennas
V. V. Kolesov, S. V. Krupenin
Ultra-wideband tapered-slot antenna with non-uniform resistive loading
V. A. Mikhnev, P. Vainikainen
Circular polarization broadband antenna feed
Lyubov M. Lobkova, V. V. Golovin, A. V. Lukjanchikov, A. V. Troitskiy, U. N. Tyschuk

Industrial and medical applications of microwave technologies

Design & fabrication of turnstile antenna with feed network optimization for Leo satellites
Kiyan Keyghobad, Jafar M. Baabuei, Teimur Heydari
Drosophila melanogaster viability and mutability under the influence of low energy microwave monochromatic and ultra wideband impulse field
Yuriy G. Shckorbatov, Vladimir N. Pasiuga, Lyubov Shakina, Valentin A. Grabina, Nikolay N. Kolchigin, Dmitrij D. Ivanchenko, Oleg V. Kazansky, Viktor N. Bykov
A study on methods of microwave wood drying
S. V. Volkov, A. I. Domakov, V. G. Prahov, Vladimir A. Yatskevich
New absorbing materials for applications in decimeter and millimeter wavelengths ranges
S. B. Bibikov, Ed. I. Kulikovskij, R. S. Sharafiev, P. A. Kuznetsov
Turnstile antenna for saddle pattern generation in Leo satellite applications
Jafar M. Baabuei, Kiyan Keyghobad, Teimur Heydari
Electromagnetic modeling, optimization and on-site verification of electromagnetic fields exposure from high power RF sources
A. R. Rosa
Designing adaptive interferometer for landing traffic control systems in the millimeter-wave band
O. V. Karpenko
Laser interferometer antenna array records seismo-acoustic earth strains
Mstislav N. Dubrov, D. V. Aleksandrov
A potential of the bistatic SAR for aviation and space deployment
Roman P. Voloschuk, E. A. Bogoroditskiy
Electromagnetic modelling of system of two vibrators on transitive compartment accelerating of block «frigate»
V. A. Ruchenkov, K. N. Klimov, B. V. Sestroretskiy
Influence of microwave irradiation on the blood of men
Oleg O. Drobakhin, V. I. Magro, V. E. Kudrjavtseva, O. M. Tatarchuk
Sensitivity characteristics of different configurations of software gradiometers used in magnetocardiography
Aleksander Yu. Butrym, Yu. D. Durnyeva, Sergey N. Shulga

Antennas for mobile communications

The adaptive automat for compensation of reduction in antenna gain in a sample of tropospheric radio communication
Vladymyr I. Rudakov
A novel coaxial CTS antenna design
Jinghui Qiu, Xiaohang Xing, Zhong Ling-Ling
Antenna matching for bandwidth enhancement
Roman Kravchenko, M. Stadler, F. Rak
Adaptive array of base station of mobile communication
Igor B. Shirokov, M. A. Durmanov, V. E. Chertkov
Broadband antenna array for mobile radiocomminication
M. Sadowski, N. Litwinczuk

Antennas for remote sensing

Antennas for near-field microwave passive and active sounding
K. P. Gaikovich
Intellectual multisurvey processing of radar information
V. V. Zhirnov, S. V. Solonskaya
Combined acousto-electromagnetic antennas for radioacoustic sounding of the atmosphere
Yury N. Ulianov, Nina G. Maksimova, Yakov S. Shifrin
UWB antenna array development for GPR applications
Ye. S. Maksimovitch, V. A. Mikhnev, P. Vainikainen, V. A. Badeev
Planar antenna-coupled detector for matrix systems of millimeter wave imaging
V. I. Shashkin, V. R. Zakamov, A. V. Murel, Yu. I. Chechenin
A study on the modelling of the electromagnetic model base on visual human
Kai Yang, Xiaoming Zhou, Guang Mei
Enclosed coaxial waveguide antenna array for a ground-penetrating radar
V. V. Scherbinin, D. S. Shatov
SAR imaging based upon nonswitchable antenna array and noise signals
Anatoliy Mogyla, Konstantin A. Lukin, Pavlo L. Vyplavin
Radiation, scattering and receiving of pulse signals for subsurface object identification
Oleg V. Kazansky

Reflector, lens and hybrid antennas

Wire curvilinear antennas with impedance elements
O. L. Makarov, Viktor V. Ovsyanikov, O. L. Olshevskiy, V. M. Popel’, Y. D. Romanenko
Mathematical model of the disk modulated impedance antenna
Viktor V. Hoblyk, Nadiya M. Hoblyk
The experimental investigation of focusing systems based on microstrip reflectarrays
Alexander O. Kasyanov
Wide angle scanning spherical reflector antenna
M. I. Redin
Influence of diffraction effects on radiation of the electric dipoles located inside U-figuration corner reflector
Nadezhda P. Yeliseyeva, Nikolay N. Gorobets
Integrated immersion lens antennas for millimeter and submillimeter wave array detectors
A. V. Uvarov, S. V. Shitov, Sergey E. Bankov, V. F. Zabolotny, O. V. Koryukin, A. N. Vystavkin
Interaction of director antennas in the near-field region
S. A. Chekan, N. M. Naumovich
High-potential impulse reflector antenna
S. A. Berdin, N. P. Gadetski, E. I. Kravtsova, I. I. Magda, V. S. Mukhin
Mathematical simulation of near radiation fields for reflector-type antenna with sharp nose radom (two-dimensional problem)
S. V. Kukobko, A. Z. Sazonov, I. O. Sukharevsky
An antenna ship RLS with a reflector element as a cutting-out from the parabolic cylinder
A. N. Nechiporenko, L. D. Fesenko, G. M. Krivosheeva
Research of radiation characteristics of Z antenna
A. V. Lukjanchikov, E. V. Kadatsky
A dualband coaxial dielectric-loaded feed horn
Fedor F. Dubrovka, Rostyslav F. Dubrovka, Yu. A. Ovsianyk
The influence of fluctuations of electromagnetic wave angles of arrival on the maximum radiation direction of aperture antennas
Lyubov M. Lobkova, V. V. Golovin, A. V. Troitskiy
Features of the aperture antenna radiation field, stipulated by the influence of turbulent inhomogeneities
Lyubov M. Lobkova, V. V. Golovin, A. V. Troitskiy
Wave radiation of electrically long axial slot cut into the circular waveguide
Evgeniy Y. Belogurov, Victor A. Katrich, Valentina A. Lyashchenko

Antenna arrays

Modeling of horn array antennas with protruding dielectric elements
Sergei P. Skobelev, A. A. Yaparova
The method for wire radiators analysis in infinite planar phased array
Viktor P. Kudzin
Active noise interference compensation in forward-scattering radar with array
A. V. Myakinkov, A. G. Ryndyk
The bounded periodical microstrip-slot structure as a radiating model
Victor A. Katrich, D. V. Mayboroda, Sergey A. Pogarsky, Svetlana V. Pshenichnaya, I. I. Saprykin
Numerical study of 32 element phased array antenna
C. D. Gupta
Experimental study on fan-beam cassegarian antenna fed by a 4-element binomial array
C. D. Gupta
Non-uniform amplitude excitation of elements in an antenna array
S. V. Nesteruk, Mikhail B. Protsenko
Multi-element wire antenna array scattering characteristics numerical modeling
A. V. Bartsevich, Yuri Y. Bobkov, A. Al-Rifay, Oleg A. Yurtsev
Numerical modeling of wire multi-element antenna array
Yuri Y. Bobkov, Oleg A. Yurtsev, D. V. Lihachevsky
Research of inphase arrays from rectangular microstrip antenna of microwave frequency
A. A. Kalinin, A. V. Ulanouski, V. N. Sharypin, V. V. Gladeychuk
A dual-polarization channels models of digital antenna arrays
Vadym I. Slyusar, S. V. Voloshko
The amplitude and power criterion in the synthesis problems for waveguide antennas
Mykhailo I. Andriychuk, O. F. Zamorska
Wi-Fi networks user’s terminal phased antenna array
Yury P. Mickhayluck, Alexander A. Savochkin, Andrey A. Schekaturin, V. M. Iskiv
The electromagnetic pulse diffraction on finite array of 2-D metal cylinders
Oleg S. Labunko, Aleksander M. Lerer, V. V. Zemlyakov, Gennadiy P. Sinyavsky
Modeling dipole antenna arrays placed, near to interface between two media
Peter L. Tokarsky, Yu. A. Panchenko
Antenna array signal processing with high-resolution by modified beamspace music algorithm
V. I. Vasylyshyn
To calculation of the signal/noise ratio on an output of the active phased array antenna
A. N. Titov, G. W. Petryaev
Sidelobe reduction of two-dimensional waveguide-slot antenna arrays
Sergey L. Berdnik, Victor A. Katrich
Directional characteristics of rarefied antennas array with screen
Nikolay N. Gorobets, A. A. Bulgakova
KA-Band, P-I-N switchable antenna array system
S. S. Sekretarov, Dmitry M. Vavriv, V. A. Volkov, Mikhail P. Natarov, Vladimir V. Glamazdin
Stop bandwidth extremums of a periodic iris-loaded circular waveguide
Sergey K. Katenev, He Shi

Antenna measurements

Microwave parametric reflectometer
Yuriy B. Gimpilevich, Yu. Y. Smailov, I. L. Denisov, V. V. Plotnikov
Localization of the reflecting centers using multifrequency and multiposition antenna scanning
M. V. Andreev, Valentin F. Borulko
Extension minimum method for determination of antenna pattern from near-field measurements
Oleg S. Antropov, Valentin F. Borulko, Sergey M. Vovk
Built-in performance monitoring system for active phased-array antennas
V. I. Markov
A scanning measuring radiometry complex with computer control
V. I. Antyufeyev, Viktor N. Bykov, A. M. Grichaniuk, Dmitrij D. Ivanchenko, V. A. Krayucshkin