Scientific Conferences of Ukraine, ICATT’99 - III International Conference on Antenna Theory and Techniques

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A VHF-UHF logperiodic V-dipole TV antenna
Fedor F. Dubrovka, O. M. Kupriy, V. V. Zaskalniy

Last modified: 2014-03-10


The rapid development of TV broadcasting, increasing a number of operating channels, improving of TV programs quality and availability of high quality TV receivers put the problem of developing dual-band VHF (174–230 MHz) and UHF (470–790 MHz) antennas with high gain and good matching in both operating frequency bands.

The paper gives one possible way to solve the problem, namely, using a combined dual-band logperiodic antenna with V-dipoles providing required radiation performances in VHF range at the basic harmonic and in UHF range at the third one.

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