Scientific Conferences of Ukraine, ICATT’97 - II International Conference on Antenna Theory and Techniques

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Radioholographic adjustment of the reflector antenna TNA-1500 in Medvezhy Ozera
A. V. Kalinin, V. S. Beagon, G. A. Kislyakov, V. P. Mal'tcev, B. A. Poperechenko, E. P. Gorbatov, B. L. Kogan, A. N. Fateev

Last modified: 2014-09-24


The report presents results of mirror surface adjustment on one of largest Russian fully steerable radiotelescopes — 64-meter antenna in space communication center Medvezhy Ozera near Moscow. Radioholographic measurements with 4 GHz satellites signals were fulfilled on this antenna in 1995-96. Restored map of main mirror shows surface deviations near of 2 mm rms. Rms difference of the maps measured under identical external conditions was 0.1 mm. After partial adjustment of mirror surface an antenna efficiency was increased from 0.51 to 0.65 at 5-cm band.

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