Curved antenna array for application to mobile communication systems


  • Mikhail B. Protsenko Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications, Ukraine
  • M. V. Rozhnovskiy Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications, Ukraine
  • P. Bannykh Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications, Ukraine
  • O. Kobylinskyi Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications, Ukraine
  • A. A. Iaremenko Institute of Telecommunications and Global Information Space in the system of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine



antenna array, curvilinear geometry, array analysis, array design, mobile communications


The research, directed to the realization of the base station antenna system with the necessary directional characteristics and controlled radiation polarization, was done. Curved antenna array is proposed, its mathematical model is developed. The universal algorithm of the antenna array calculation and analysis is developed. Antenna array consists of elements with controlled radiation polarization. The element of antenna array is reasonably chosen as a logarithmic spiral and its numerical modelling is performed in order to choose optimal geometrical parameters.


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AA, AAA, smart antennas and signal processing