Combined antenna of unmanned aircraft vehicle for early warning system against dangerous wind shears




UAV, dangerous wind shear, combined antenna, inclined radioacoustic atmospheric sounding, electro-spark generator, power budget


Possibility to create the low budget combined airborne antenna (CAA) for early-warning system (EWS) against dangerous vortexes and wind shears when landing transport unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) is discussed in the report.

With such an antenna the well-known method of inclined radioacoustic atmospheric sounding (IRAS) in its aviation modification is being implemented. The electro-spark acoustic generator (ESAG) of the original construction takes on the role of a generator of the pulse acoustic radiation directed at the nadir. Application of standard airborne equipment of Doppler velocity and drift angle gauge of an aircraft (DVDG) as a component of EWS is a low budget basis of CAA.

Obtained data of airborne IRAS equipment power budget proves the success of the proposed way of EWS equipment construction with the combined acousto-electromagnetic antenna.


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Remote sensing antennas, signal processing and communications