Remote sensing of plane-layered media with losses using UWB signals




subsurface sensing, spectral characteristics of UWB pulse signals, biomedical engineering, plane-layered media with losses


The previously proposed method of inverse scattering problem statement and solution for plane-layered media is extended for the media with the losses (taking into account conductivity of the medium). As before, algorithms of processing of pulse signal reflected by plane structures which was proposed by the Authors constitute the method base. The advantages of this approach are combination of the information content of the UWB pulse signals and the efficiency of algorithms for solving inverse problems. For processing and interpretation of the experimental data, the Newton-Kantorovich scheme in the frequency range is used. Using developed software, series of experiments on the processing of GPR pulse signals in sensing plane-layered medium (road pavement) is carried out. The obtained results allow to optimize values of the pulse signal parameters. Also, the obtained results can be used in biomedical research and in non-destructive testing of industrial facilities.


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Remote sensing antennas, signal processing and communications