Novel high performance coherent dual-wideband orthomode transducer for coaxial horn feeds




orthomode transducer, turnstile junction, coherent reception, dual-wideband operation, coaxial horn feeds


In this paper we present the design and simulated characteristics of a novel high performance coherent orthomode transducer to be used in dual-wideband coaxial horn feeds of reflector antennas with polarization diversity or polarization processing of radio signals. The main stages of the development process are described. For both polarizations the simulated VSWR is less than 1.06 within both operating frequency bands (3.4–4.2 GHz and 10.7–12.8 GHz). Calculated crosspolar isolation is higher than 70 dB. Simulated differential phase shift between the output signals with orthogonal linear polarizations is less than 1° in both operating frequency bands.


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