Optimization of circularly polarized radiation of in-phase crossed impedance dipoles with screen





screen, surface impedance, inphase crossed dipoles system, circular polarization, directive gain, radiation resistance


The necessary conditions which provide the circularly polarized radiation with maximum directive gain for the in-phase crossed impedance wire dipoles system located over a perfectly conducting square screen have been investigated in the normal direction to the screen. On the base of the uniform geometric diffraction theory method with using the asymptotical expression for a current of an impedance wire dipole located over an infinite perfectly conducting plane the fast active 3D algorithms have been developed. The appropriate distributed surface impedances of the in-phase crossed dipoles have been defined taking into account the diffraction effects on the screen edges. The detailed analysis of the surface impedance values, the radiation resistance and directive gain depending on the screen's sizes and the dipole removal from the screen is given.


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UWB, low-gain, communication and printed antennas