Two-band circular polarization antenna for Argos-3


  • Alexandr A. Bezgin Sevastopol State University; Marine Hydrophysical Institute, Ukraine
  • Alexander A. Savochkin Sevastopol National Technical University, Ukraine



microstrip antenna, circular polarization, dualband, Argos-3, marine drifter


The article deals with an two-band circular polarization antenna for the marine terminal satellite communications system Argos-3. Satellite communication system Argos-3 is designed to collect meteorological and oceanographic information and determine the coordinates of moving objects. The antenna consists of two patches, which are located one above the other and flat screen. With the aim of forming a circular polarization the top patch has a pair of truncated square corners, and the bottom patch has a pair of truncated isosceles triangular corners. Antenna model was created in CAD FEKO. The main characteristic of the model was calculated in the program. The antenna prototype was created and its characteristics were measured.


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UWB, low-gain, communication and printed antennas