Large current radiator for long range GPR applications


  • Vladimir G. Sugak Usikov Institute of Radiophysic and Electronic of NAS of Ukraine, Ukraine
  • Fang Gyfang Lab of Microwave & EM Radiation of Chines Academy of Science, China



large current radiotor, ground penetrating radar, frequency dispertion of soil dielectrical properties


Some aspects of the Large Current Radiator construction for subsurface sounding applications at the depths of up to some hundred meters are considered. The antenna has to operate in a wide frequency band and transmit power effectively under the ground surface. It is shown that the antenna designed as a small horizontal magnetic loop with specific shape located close to the earth surface transmits power quite effectively when one of the wires, situated close the surface, is flat and the second is shielded by an envelope with certain electrical constants.


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UWB, low-gain, communication and printed antennas