Features of photonic beamformer model based on DWDM approach and fiber dispersion





phased array antenna, photonic beamformer, microwave fiber-optic link, fiber dispersion, far-field pattern


The main features of the photonic true time delay beamformer model for phased array antenna in the receive mode are investigated and experimentally tested. The performance characteristics of the key components of photonic beamformer based on DWDM technology and fiber chromatic dispersion are examined and specified. A five channel beamformer prototype is built using the components available on the market of fiber-optic analog communication links and tentatively investigated. 5-element microwave linear array antenna far-field patterns in 6–18 GHz frequency range have been measured which demonstrated the designed model beamforming features for antenna pattern shifted up to 40°. The results of experimental testing agree with the calculated estimates.


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Antenna arrays, adaptive and smart antennas