Nonlinear composite media on opal matrixes and metallocarbon nanostructures


  • Gennadiy P. Sinyavsky Southern Federal University, Russian Federation
  • Larissa V. Cherckesova Don State Technical University, Russian Federation
  • Dmitry A. Bezuglov Rostov Branch of the Russian Customs Academy, Russian Federation
  • Georgy N. Shalamov Rostov Scientific Research Institute of Radiocommunication, Russian Federation



composite media, opal matrixes, metallocarbon nanostructures, resonance circuits, nonlinear parametric zonal systems, highest zones of electromagnetic oscillations instabilities, SHF, EHF, HHF bands, subTHz, THz ranges


Examination of nonlinear periodic composite media based on opal matrices and metal-carbon nanostructures is conducted. This can constitute a new element base opening possibilities for the modern radioelectronics. The considered nanostructures have the substantial potential for their application in perspective nanotechnologies directed on creation of radioelectronic devices for SHF, EHF and HHF bands (microwave, sub-THz and THz ranges). They allow improving the functional characteristics of the arrangements made on their base. Nanostructures construction with preset properties is important for design of sub-THz and THz radioelectronics. Such properties can ensure an opportunity of nanostructures controlling, based on which it is possible to realize the nonlinear parametric zonal systems (NPS) resonance circuits functioning on current ultraharmonics in the highest zones of electromagnetic oscillations instability.


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