Recent advances in computational electromagnetics for microwaves in IRE NASU




analytical-numerical models, problem-oriented software, passive microwave device, filter, polarizer, metamaterial based unit


Recent advances in problem-oriented and generalpurpose microwave-oriented software and applications developed in the department of computational electromagnetics are considered. Numerical-analytical automatic mode-matching based models are extended on the objects given in cylindrical coordinate system. The geometry has to be specified as the set of piece-wise coordinate fragments in Cartesian (MWD1 or MWD2 with account of edge behavior) or in Cartesian or cylindrical coordinates (MWD3) with automatic cross-section geometry recognition and subsequent formation of corresponding modematching technique and S-matrix based numerical algorithms. The future extension to the double-periodical screens and multilayer printed circuits (MWD4) is described moving to terahertz frequency band and “metamaterial” investigations. A set of new microwave devices is proposed which are based on the nonstandard physical principles such as the fringing field interaction, new types of eigen-oscillations of 3D open objects and artificial “optical activity”. They are the band-stop and bandpass waveguide filters, antenna-feed units, polarization rotators, twists etc.


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