Ultrawideband tapered slot, waveguide and dipole antenna arrays





ultrawideband antenna arrays, tapered slot antenna arrays, horn arrays, low-profile ultrawideband antenna arrays


This paper offers a review of the most valuable results of antenna array research and development at NTUU "KPI" within the last ten years for ultrawideband radar applications. First, paper describes a novel way to optimize the unilateral tapered slot antenna (TSA) being an element of a wideband scanning array. Second, theoretical and practical results of proposed volume horn array antenna with slant polarization are presented. Third, some result of a novel extension of Munk's current sheet concept is proposed, where the ultrawideband array antenna dipole screened dipole element is substituted by more complicated subarray of dipoles that have different sizes and values of mutual coupling. This approach of ultrawideband radiating panel creation allows to achieve a wide scan angles in orthogonal planes in frequency range with coverage up to 7:1.


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