Ultrawideband end-fire radiation of a planar low profile dipole-slot antenna backed by ground plane





end-fire antenna, ultrawideband antenna, dipole-slot antenna, low profile antenna


Forming ultrawideband (3.2:1) end-fire radiation mechanism of a low profile dipole-slot antenna backed by a ground plane at wavelengths close to the distance of 0.5λ from the plane are considered. It has been shown that at this frequencies the dipole-slot radiation differential phase shift in forward-backward directions is close to 180°. Therefore, the radiation of the dipole-slot antenna is summarized in-phase with reflector radiation in forward direction.

Numerical research of the antenna has been carried out using the own developed software package crystal_U, that realizes the authors' current and charge integral equations method. The antenna characteristics obtained were verified by HFSS code.


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Low-gain and communication antennas, printed antennas