Multibeam antenna for the matrix radiometric imaging systems


  • V. N. Bykov Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
  • Dmitrij D. Ivanchenko Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
  • Nikolay N. Kolchigin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
  • V. N. Radzikhovsky NPF "Iceberg-NT", Kyiv, Ukraine
  • T. D. Berezhnaya Kharkiv National University, Ukraine



multibeam antenna, matrix radiometer imaging system, millimeter band


Ways of practical implementation of matrix radiometric systems (multibeam antennas and multichannel radiometric receivers), located onboard of various purpose aircrafts, intended for creation of images of ground-based objects have been substantiated. It is shown that formation of two-dimensional images for a short exposure time is possible both owing to application of the matrix radiometric information sensors, as well as on the basis of multi-channel radiometric sensors with the channels multiplexing according to the form of signals using the Walsh function.


KHAIKIN, V.B.; STOROZHENKO, A.A.; LEBEDEV, M.K.; RADZIKHOVSKY, V.N.; KUZMIN, S.E.; SHLENSIN, C.V. Multielement matrix 8mm reception system for tasks passive radio vision. Journal of Radio Electronics, 2014, n.2, p.10.

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Reflector antennas and other types of radar antennas