80 years to professor Anatoly Chaplin


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This year it would be 80 years since birthday of professor, Dr. Sc. Chaplin Anatoly. Anatoly Chaplin is the outstanding scientist in the field of the theory and technique of the antennas, the phased antenna array, the modulated impedance structures, devices of a microwave hyperthermia, radio wave sensors of movement, the talented teacher and the educator. He is remembered by thousands of students and scientific community of Ukraine, Russia and many other countries as person of high culture and intelligence.

Anatoly Chaplin was born in Moscow on September 21, 1931. He was graduated from the Moscow Military Mechanical Technical School in 1951 with honours, and in 1957 — with honours the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University) with a speciality of the radio engineer. Since 1956 he worked as the engineer, and then, after the graduation younger research assistant in the same institute. From the 1959 till 1962 he works on the dissertation in postgraduate study at the department of antenna and feeding devices of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute which was headed at that time by a Dr. Sc., professor Grigory Markov — the known scientist in the field of the theory and technicians of the antennas, the founder of spectral methods in the antenna’s theory. In 1963 after successful candidate’s thesis defense, Anatoly Chaplin was remainded on teaching work on the department and in 1966 he published in the coauthorship with G.T. Markov the monography "Excitation of electromagnetic waves" thanks to what has obtained an Soviet Union recognition among experts in the field of diffraction of electromagnetic waves. In 1976 A.F. Chaplin successfully defended the dissertation of a Dr. Sc. on the theme:" Some problems of the analysis and synthesis of impedance structures and antenna arrays" and also continued to work as the senior lecturer of the antennas and feedings devices department of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute. In 1978 Anatoly Chaplin moves to work in the Lviv Polytechnical Institute on a post of the professor of the Department of Theoretical Foundations of Radio Engineering and Radio Measurements. Then in 1980 he was selected as a Head of Department of the Radio Engineering Devices of the same faculty, and carries out those duties till 1991.

At the Lviv Polytechnical Institute, Anatoly Chaplin was able to realize in full his powerful creative potential. Anatoly Chaplin with the big enthusiasm engaged into creation of new scientific — research laboratories, scientific directions and preparation of high skilled personnel in the field of antennas and microwave frequencies technique. During the short term under the leadership of A.F. Chaplin the scientific — Research Department of Radio Engineering systems was Created. This department included five research laboratories in which more than fifty scientific and technical employees worked on the solutions of research problems for aerospace industry, the Ministry of health protection, the Ministry of average mechanical engineering and for other branches.

At this time Anatoly Chaplin carry out an active job by formation an image of Lviv among experts of the country as one of the large centers of the former Soviet Union in the field of research of scientific and technical problems of diffraction and propagation of waves. He also organizes at his Department a Ukrainian Scientific Workshop. To give the report at this seminar was considered as serious approbation for candidates of scientific degrees both from capital, and from leading high schools and country establishments.

Anatoly Chaplin at that time, in a year of his 50 years anniversary, organized and was successfully held the VIII All-Union Symposium “Waves and diffraction” on the basis of the Lviv Polytechnical Institute. He pays a considerable attention to a professional training of the top skills personnel among experts of the Western Ukraine. For the short period from 1981 till 1991 professor A. F. Chaplin prepares a cohort of Ph.D.

Today the scientific directions founded by Anatoly Chaplin, develops by his followers: Dr. Sc. Y. Yashchyshyn in Warsaw University of Technology; Ph.D. V. Hoblyk, M. Kiselichnik, B. Koval, V. Oborzhitsky, M. Pavlikevich and O. Samsonjuk — in Lviv Polytechnics; O. Vinkovsky, A. Efanov, — in the USA; M. Mihajlov — in the Center of space researches of Lviv, M. Buchcky — Lviv.

In total for all the time of the scientific and pedagogical work Anatoly Chaplin has prepared two Dr. Sc (V. Leonov and A. Khzmalyan) and 18 Ph.D. Anatoly Chaplin is the author of more than 250 scientific works, 20 inventions, three monographies, particularly in the co-authorship with A.N. Teryoshin, V.M. Sedov "Synthesis of antennas on slowwave structures" (1980) and monography "the Analysis and synthesis of antenna arrays" (1987), the coauthor of some textbooks. Anatoly Chaplin is known to a wide range of experts as the editor of translations of several foreign monographies on the theory and the technician of antennas, in particular, monographies: "Microwave scanning antenna systems" (1960), "Traveling wave antennas" (K. Uolter, 1970); "Theory and the analysis of the phased antenna arrays" (N. Amitej, V. Galindo, 1974).

Anatoly Chaplin died on the 11 of July, in 1993 after serious illness. Anatoly Chaplin was buried in Ukraine, on the Lychakiv cemetery in Lviv.