Short-wave band linear antenna array consisting of 'butterfly' radiators


  • Viktor P. Kudzin Gomel Engineering Institute, Belarus
  • V. N. Lozovsky Republican Scientific Research Unitary Enterprise "LUCH", Belarus
  • N. I. Shlyk Republican Scientific Research Unitary Enterprise "LUCH", Belarus



phased array, thin wire radiator, short-wave band


The broadband linear antenna array of vertical polarisation for a short-wave band operation consisting of "butterfly" radiators is offered. The given radiator represents the modified flat wire antenna. The one-sided radiation pattern is provided by means of aperiodic reflector.

The specific feature of the offered array is that the adjacent radiators are galvanic connected with each other. It provides improvement of radio engineering characteristics and obvious constructive and economic advantages – absence of high-frequency insulators, lightning guard and cost reduction.

Electrodynamic modelling is spent. It is shown, that the eight-element array provides scanning up to 45 degrees from a normal to array plane in the frequency band 5–7.7 MHz.


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