Polarizers on sections of square waveguides with inner corner ridges


  • Leonid A. Rud Usikov Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine
  • K. S. Shpachenko Usikov Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine




waveguide polarizer, waveguide of complex cross-section, square waveguide


The optimization and analysis of new waveguide polarizers have been carried out on the basis of rigorous full-wave model. These polarizers transform the dominant mode of input rectangular waveguide into an elliptically polarized wave of output square waveguide. The phase-shifting module is realized on the basis of one or two sections of a square waveguide having two diagonally placed square ridges. It has been found out that polarizers with single-section phase shifter can provide the bandwidth from 11 to 15% at the axial ratio level of r < 2 dB and the return loss level of RL > 20 dB, whereas the two-section ones have the bandwidths more 23% at r < 1 dB and RL > 23 dB.


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Microwave components and circuits, fiber-optic links