Development of the radiating part of an ultra-wideband tapered-slot antenna for GPR applications


  • Ye. S. Maksimovitch Institute of Applied Physics National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Belarus
  • V. A. Mikhnev Institute of Applied Physics National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Belarus
  • P. Vainikainen Aalto University School of Science and Technology, Finland



ultra-wideband, tapered-slot antenna, antenna opening, ground penetrating radar


This article presents some techniques of improving characteristics of planar ultra-wideband antennas based on the tapered slot line. Different antenna openings based on the elliptical taper with additional metal flares, smooth and corrugated bent blades had been studied. Several planar antennas with dimensions of 23 to 12 centimeters have been simulated using electromagnetic simulation software, and then designed, fabricated and tested. Results of computer simulations and measurements of the ultra-wideband antenna characteristics are presented.


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