Extension of diffraction theory heuristic methods feasibilities by use of the method of generalized eikonal


  • Michael V. Vesnik Kotelnikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS, Russian Federation




diffraction, analytical methods, scattering


The method of generalized eikonal (MGE) described in a number of recent publications allows to receive in a fairly simple way considerably rigorous analytical solutions describing processes of diffraction on two-dimensional scatterers of a complex shape. The constructed solution represents an integral representation in a auxiliary area, similar to one that turns out during the process of wedge diffraction problem solving. The general view of such representation is known beforehand, while concrete solutions depend on the shape of corresponding scatterers. This paper presents the basics of MGE, solution for the diffraction by a half-plate with finite thickness. The usefulness of this method in heuristics approaches of the diffraction theory is shown.


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