Radiation of electromagnetic field pulses by planar dipole antennas at different modes of excitation





pulse generation, pulsed antenna, ultra-wide-band antenna, UWB


The results of experimental investigations of time-amplitude dependences of impulse electromagnetic fields in near and far zone of radiators are presented in the given work. There have been considered the dependence of amplitude and pulse waveforms on radiator configuration and modes of antenna excitation: with energy storage directly in the antenna and with energy storage in capacitors of an external generator. The comparison of time-amplitude dependences of the radiated field for the "bow-tie" radiator and a modified "diamond dipole" with different angular dimensions has shown that the "diamond dipole" with angular dimension of 180deg has a maximal pulse amplitude and minimal duration of afterpulse oscillations of the radiated field. It has been shown that for all radiator types been considered, the antenna excitation by a generator with energy storage directly in the radiator permits to increase the amplitude of the radiated pulse field by 5-15 %.


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