Minimization of phase noise in scaled device coupled mode oscillators


  • Ulrich L. Rohde University of Cottbus, Germany
  • Ajay K. Poddar Synergy Microwave Corp., United States



1/ƒ, RF, SiGe HBTs, VCO


The performance of the electronic system strongly depends on the speed of devices, and device scaling has driven this momentum towards achieving faster speed and high level of integration. This paper describes the impact of phase noise in scaled SiGe HBTs coupled mode oscillators topology, which has recently emerged as a strong contender for RF and mixed signal applications. The relative contribution of the broadband (thermal and shot noise) and low frequency (1/fnoise) noise sources are examined with respect to the device scaling. A method of minimizing the phase noise with respect to the device scaling is discussed, and demonstrated for planar coupled resonators based VCO. The circuit topology is not limited to these frequencies, and easily amenable for integration in MMIC form.


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