Waveguide diplexer for feed reflector-type antenna for deep-space communication


  • K. K. Belostotskay Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University), Russian Federation
  • K. N. Klimov Lavochkin Association, Russian Federation
  • B. V. Sestroretskiy Lavochkin Association, Russian Federation
  • V. A. Ruchenkov Lavochkin Association, Russian Federation
  • T. V. Kamishev Lavochkin Association, Russian Federation




microwave tract, diplexer, waveguide filter, bridge hybrid, electromagnetic analysis programs, topology synthesis, commutation invariants


It is submitted waveguide diplexer, designed for feed system of reflector-type antenna TN-1500 (OCB MPEI, the Medveji Ozera). Diplexer will consist from 2 waveguide bridges hybrid, 4 stop-band filters, hermetically fixing, waveguide bends in Е and Н planes. All elements of diplexers have been designed with application of a technique of topological synthesis. At designing the universal electrodynamic programs based on a method of impedance analogue of electromagnetic space were used. All elements of diplexers were made on milling machine tools with program management and have no elements of adjustment.


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Microwave components and circuits, fiber-optic links