Signal processing in antenna arrays when using "supersolution" algorithm


  • Dmitriy D. Gabriel'yan Rostov Military Institute of Missile Corps, Russian Federation
  • Marina Yu. Zvezdina Rostov Military Institute of Missile Corps, Russian Federation
  • Yulia A. Zvezdina Rostov Military Institute of Missile Corps, Russian Federation
  • Oleg S. Labunko Rostov Radiofrequency Center, Russian Federation



radar-location system, vector of weight coefficients, covariance matrix, spatial signal selection


The algorithm of constructing of weight coefficients that guarantees receiving the source signal getting into the main maximum of directive pattern and suppressing other sources signals is investigated. Basing on the analytic form of the inverse covariance matrix for signals the estimations of the possible meanings of the signal/noise relation depending on the parameters of antenna system and signals (number and step of radiator displacement, receiving signals covariance degree) are found. The results of mathematical modelling of signal processing based on the algorithm are given.


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Adaptive antenna arrays and signal processing