A model of receiving-rectifying elements of mm wave band rectennas


  • Volodymyr M. Shokalo Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics, Ukraine
  • Dmitry V. Gretskikh Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics, Ukraine




rectenna, millimeter wave band, efficiency of rectification, receiving-rectifying element, Floquet cell


An approximate model of receiving-rectifying elements (RRE) as periodicity cells of mm wave band (MMWB) rectennas is proposed. It is based on the describing function method, takes into account spurious elements of a Shottky diode case and their series resistance. As compared with existed models it essentially simplifies solving a problem in choosing rational structure of large aperture rectenna systems.  On the basis of the developed model, the potential of RREs of MMWB rectennas having different topology of radiating structures is assessed.


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LUCHANINOV, A.I.; SHOKALO, V.M.; KONOVALTSEV, A.A.; RYBALKO, A.M.; SHCHERBINA, A.A. The theoretical and experimental investigations of large aperture rectenna arrays. Radiotekhnika (Kharkiv), 1998, n.106, p.63-72.