Electrodynamic calculation of a reflector antenna with a non-planar edge


  • Sergey V. Nechitaylo Ivan Kozhedub Kharkiv National Air Force University, Ukraine
  • A. Z. Sazonov Kharkiv Design Office of Automation Chemical Automation, Ukraine
  • Oleg I. Sukharevsky Ivan Kozhedub Kharkiv National Air Force University, Ukraine https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4607-5361




reflector antenna system, reflector edge, scattering of electromagnetic waves, integral representations


The method for calculation of a radiated field of a reflector antenna which edge represents a non-planar space curve is considered. The method is based on the application of integral representations of fields scattered by the reflector that were obtained with the help of a Lorentz lemma. The calculation of reflector edge sections field contribution to a complete antenna field is carried out with the help of a solution of the problem about scattering of a plane electromagnetic wave on a wedge. The results of calculation of an antenna fields with a reflector as an elliptic cutting-out from a paraboloid of revolution are given.


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