The requirements to dipole orientation on the assumption of polarization orthogonalization


  • Ludvig Ya. Ilnitskiy National Aviation University, Ukraine
  • Andriy V. Fetsun National Aviation University, Ukraine



symmetric dipole, circular polarization, orthogonal components, polarization conformity coefficient


The paper defines the possibility of using a symmetric dipole in order to measure the polarization characteristics of electromagnetic waves. It is shown that, in the case of orthogonalization of circularly polarized waves, the orientation of the dipole in space is the source of inaccuracies. The formulas derived by the authors describe the inaccuracies which appear due to the deviation of the dipole in space.

These inaccuracies arise when the dipole deviates from the H-vector in the plane of a linearly-polarized wave front as well as when deviation from the H-vector in the H-plane takes place. They play an important role in the estimation of the orthogonal components, when we consider electromagnetic waves with circular polarization.


Tychynskiy, A.V.; Ilnytskiy, L.Y.; Fetsun, A.V. The device for measuring of polarization parameters. Patent for invention No. 2002086972, 15.04.03.