The mathematical model of antenna and antenna-radome system


  • L. V. Knyazeva Moscow Energy Institute - Technique University, Russian Federation
  • A. I. Artishev Moscow Energy Institute - Technique University, Russian Federation



antenna, radome, multilayer shell, optimization of shell, minimization of angular errors of bearing, error of manufacturing


Methods, algorithms and programs for calculation by computer of the characteristics of the antenna and the antenna-radome system (ARS) are developed. The type of antenna considered is the phased antenna array (PAA) or the cophase antenna with a mechanical beam control (an antenna array - AA). Radome shape is spherical, quasi-conic or flattened ellipsoid. Radome shell is multilayer ( N≥1), same-thickness, or special profile. Errors in the manufacture of the antenna are taken into account. Programs designed for optimization of radome shell are discussed.


Knyazeva, L.V.; Artishev, A.I.; Livshits, M.J.; Ohrimenko, A.V. Calculation methods of antenna characteristics, antenna-radome system and optimization of a radome shell. Proc. of the III Int. Conf. on Antennas, radio-communication systems and means, Voronezh, Russia, 1997, Vol. 1, pp. 231-236.

Knyazeva, L.V. Mathematical modelling of radio engineering performances of antenna-radome system. Collection of articles 'Antenna', 1998, No. 1, pp. 66-75.