Strength analysis features of radar covers and radomes


  • Leonid B. Lerman Institute of Surface Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine
  • S. P. Malashenkov Institute of Surface Chemistry, NAS of Ukraine, Ukraine
  • A. G. Girchenko Institute of Surface Chemistry, NAS of Ukraine, Ukraine
  • A. A. Tkachenko Institute of Surface Chemistry, NAS of Ukraine, Ukraine



radar cover, radome, shell


The paper analyzes radar covers formed as shallow shells reinforced by a system of support bars and combined shells of revolution. To analyze stress-strain characteristics, the theory of sandwich orthotropic plates is used, with shear effects taken into consideration. The strength of sandwich walls with honeycomb separation is analyzed as a stress level evaluation, when a local stability collapse of the bearing layers of the construction's sandwich wall takes place. The reliability and validity of the methods applied are confirmed by experimental investigations.


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