Scattering characteristics simulation of 30 GHz/90 GHz/150 GHz frequency selective surface as corner printed reflectarray for multibeam solar radio telescope


  • Alexander O. Kasyanov Taganrog Technology Institute of Southern Federal University, Russian Federation
  • V. B. Khaikin Special Astrophysical Observatory of RAS, Russian Federation



multibeam solar radio telescope, corner reflectarray, mircostrip structures, frequency-selective surface, geometric fractals, convoluted square


The possibility is shown of developing multifrequency frequency selective surfaces (FSS) by means of complicating the shape of elements, for example, by using elements with composite fractal shapes. The method of integral equations is applied for the analysis of the scattering characteristic of these gratings. On the basis of numerical experiments, it is shown that there is the possibility of applying FFS with elements of composite shape in the development of multifrequency FSS with reduced angular sensitivity. The obtained results can be used for choosing the most rational version of FSS element shape for the solution of some problems in antenna engineering.


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