Impulse wave diffraction on a permittivity step in a waveguide


  • Aleksander Yu. Butrym Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
  • Yu Zheng Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
  • Oleg A. Tretyakov Gebze Institute of Technology, Turkey



evolutionary approach to electrodynamics, time domain impulse wave, waveguide propagation, scattering matrix in TD


The paper deals with the impulse solution of the Klein-Gordon equation that describes, in the time domain (TD), the propagation of waves in a waveguide, plane waves in a plasma, and wave beams in free space. We consider the basic problem of impulse diffraction on a permittivity step in a waveguide. A generalized scattering matrix in TD approach is used to express the solution in a closed-form. Transmission and reflection operators are obtained. To illustrate the solution, some energy flow diagrams, which show the space-time distribution of energy density and energy flow speed, are used.


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Broadband, multi-frequency antennas and remote sensing antennas