Radiation of short pulse signals from arrays of tapered slot antennas


  • Aleksander Yu. Butrym Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
  • Oleg V. Kazansky Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
  • Nikolay N. Kolchigin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
  • Sergey N. Pivnenko Technical University of Denmark, Denmark




2D array, wideband pulse signal, beam scanning


The paper considers pulse radiation by 2D arrays and by two orthogonal 2D arrays made of tapered slot antennas. We show the possibility of 2D beam scanning by providing a special time delay for the excitation of the radiating elements, as well as control of polarization of the radiated signal together with the shape of the radiation pattern. The influence of array elements not being equidistant is studied.


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Broadband, multi-frequency antennas and remote sensing antennas