The portable measuring sampling unit




sampling unit, fast sawtooth generator, slow sawtooth generator, strobe pulse, sampling gate, strobe pulse shaper, sampling, comparator


The bandwidth of present-day pulse georadars goes far beyond 1 GHz. The use of signal sampling measuring systems provides highly stable equipment and device sensitivity in a wide bandwidth. The building of measuring sampling units, even those having quite a narrow bandwidth (of the order of 1 GHz), requires the solution of a number of specific problems: satisfying the severe requirements of the clock signal parameters; fitting the circuit technology of the radio-frequency part of the unit. The main part of the sampling unit, namely the sampler, "is overloaded" with a great number of auxiliary stabilizing circuits, synchronizing circuits, etc. As a result, the sampling unit increases in size, the power consumption goes up and the costs tend to grow. Both the unit dimensions and the consumption current are important in view of portability. The aim is to create a small-size, low-voltage measuring sampling unit with a high sensitivity and wide bandwidth.

The paper presents work devoted to the analysis of ways of decreasing the supply voltage, reducing the power consumption and downsizing the sampling unit. The proposed solutions of these problems are tested in practice.


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