Electrophysics properties optimal measurements of rough surfaces with passive remote sensing


  • G. Velasco UNAM, Mexico
  • V. M. Velasco UNAM, Mexico
  • C. Cruz UNAM, Mexico
  • G. Cordero UNAM, Mexico
  • M. Covarruvias UNAM, Mexico
  • Valeriy K. Volosyuk National Aerospace University (KhAI), Ukraine
  • S. E. Falkovich National Aerospace University (KhAI), Ukraine




passive remote sensing, optimal algorithm, rough surface


The paper analyzes the electrodynamic model of rough surfaces of little relief, such as sand dunes, oceans with little wind, lakes, etc. Also, recommendations are provided for the measurement of its electrophysical properties. These data are obtained from the elements of the Fisher matrix. The recommendations can be used for planning aerospace experiments.


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Broadband, multi-frequency antennas and remote sensing antennas