Solution of the inverse problems of subsurface radiolocation


  • A. Yu. Grinev State Technical University "Moscow Aviation Institute", Russian Federation
  • I. A. Chebakov Moscow State Aviation Institute, Russian Federation
  • A. I. Gigolo Moscow State Aviation Institute, Russian Federation



inverse problem, ultrawideband pulse, spectral method, FDTD, ground penetrating radar


A common approach is stated to the solution of an inverse scattering problem from the results of an exploration of a subsurface radio-stage by ultrawideband short-pulse signals. At the first stage, with the help of multiple loggers, the time-space matrix of a scattered electromagnetic field is shaped. The second stage is bound to the definition of the physical properties of the subsurface area. At the third stage, the detection procedure is carried out by shaping a 2D or 3D image of the subsurface area. Examples of 2D images restored by a spectral method are reduced. At the fourth stage, the procedure for reconstructing the geometrical and physical properties of subsurface objects is carried out. The procedure is based on a method of computing diagnostics (MCD).


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Broadband, multi-frequency antennas and remote sensing antennas