Modelling of the multiple-arm conical spiral antennas for various applications


  • M. B. Protsenko Sevastopol National Technical University, Ukraine
  • A. V. Lukjanchikov Sevastopol National Technical University, Ukraine
  • A. V. Troitskiy Sevastopol National Technical University, Ukraine
  • P. A. Komarov Sevastopol National Technical University, Ukraine



conical spiral radiator, multiarm conical spiral antenna


The investigation results of the radiation characteristics of multiple-arm conical spiral antennas are presented. An exponential spiral winding law for conical antennas providing a given radiation mode is proposed on the basis of the local equivalence principle. Computation of the current on the curved wires is obtained by an integral equation method. Comparison of the conical spiral antenna radiation characteristics, including half-power beamwidth, beam orientation and axial ratio, with those of well-known spiral winding laws (equiangular, Archimedian) is carried out.


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LGA, printed antennas, antennas for mobile communication