Architecture of the textbook "Antennas"


  • Ludvig Ya. Ilnitskiy National Aviation University, Ukraine
  • L. V. Sibruk National Aviation University, Ukraine
  • M. I. Fuzik Kyiv International University of Civil Aviation, Ukraine



Learning antenna and feeder devices it is necessary to come from with certain classification. It is caused by that variety of construction aeriales devices is so great, that the learning of all existing aerials within the period of time, limited for educational discipline, simply is impossible. Besides it is not so necessarily, because for the certain groups of aerials by their correct selection it is possible to select general electrodynamic properties, principle of operation, characteristic design features, that enables to be limited to learning the separate specimens of a group.

The definition of such groups and detection of belonging of this or that aerial to a group, that is considered, depends on classification principles. A classification for a principle of operation now is widely used which in matching with other kinds of classifications allows precisely to relate аerials to various kinds and unambiguously define qualifying tags. Besides in such a system the qualifying tags are more homogeneous, than on the other principles of a classification.