Pulse current excitation of the rectangular resonator with distributed nonlinear loads


  • Diana V. Semenikhina Southern Federal University, Russian Federation




The analysis of the mode in a rectangular microwave resonator with the distributed nonlinear loads located on a surface of walls can form the basis for designing and synthesis of generating modules, amplifiers, frequency multipliers, dividers and other microwave devices. The modelling such devices by means of the low-frequency equivalent circuits meets a number of difficulties, and the analysis of the equivalent circuits of the nonlinear loaded microwave device is limited usually by linear or quasi-linear approximation.

Besides urgency of research of the closed electro-magnetic systems excited by pulse sources grows nowadays (for example, for designing a microwave generator). And if for linear systems the complex amplitude method application for study of these sources’ fields is still justified, for nonlinear loaded object the direct time-domain analysis is required.


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Microwave components and circuits, fiber-optic links