Radioholographic correlational measurements of large reflector antennas


  • A. V. Kalinin Nizhny Novgorod State University, Russian Federation



The results of radioholographic correlational measurements of the characteristics of several large Russian reflector antennas are discussed. Some features are considered of measurements with using of signals of natural radiosources and geostationary satellites. The techniques and results of the measurements on the 64-meter antenna at the deep space communicational centre “Medvezhy Ozera” near Moscow are detailed submitted. These measurements were carried out in 1996-1998 with the 4 GHz signals of geostationary satellites and discrete radio source Cygnus-A. The form of a reflecting surface of the main mirror was restored with accuracy about 0.1 mm (rms) and resolution along the aperture near of 90 cm. By results of measurements the adjustment of mirror system of this antenna was executed. Besides the thermal deformations of a mirror caused by day-time solar heating were investigated as well as dependence of the mirror form on elevation (gravitational deformations). In the report the most of experimental results may be demonstrated in the form of colour maps of field distributions.


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