Multiband antennas on loop radiators


  • Y. A. Rensh State Enterprise "Vector", Russian Federation



In this paper the results are presented of designing multiband antennas on the base of a main model with loop radiating elements intended for functioning in very-high frequency range (VHF) and ultrahigh frequency range (UHF) in of communication and TV systems.

The base model is performed in the form of loop-slot antenna (LSA) comprising two identical loop radiators (LR) located in one plane in opposition to each other.

The LRs have a common axis of symmetry and are connected by a section of symmetrical slot line (SSL) with length L. At L ≈ 0 the LSA is analogous to a “zigzag” antenna.

Points of the connection of the coaxial feeder are situated in the middle of SSL; slot gap is excited with a coupling loop. Matching of LSA performed by the choice of length Land SSL wave resistance, as well as by the distance to the reflector. With the band-width relation up to 1.6:1 it is possible to obtain VSWR < 1.5.


RF Patent No 8527. The useful model. Joint dipole-loop antenna.

RF Patent No 8527. The useful model. Multiband loop antenna.